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Media: Hizbullah prepares Huthis to terrorist attacks-suicide against the leaders of Saudi Arabia

On Wednesday evening, February 24, on the TV channel «al-Arabia» (UAE) aired a story about the participation of instructors of the Lebanese Shiite terrorist organization Hezbollah training militants in Yemen Huthis.

As noted by appearing in a London based Saudi newspaper «al-Sharq al-Awsat» in this story was shown to the head of the school of fighters, one of the leaders of Hizbullah, known in Yemen as «Abu Salah». The man in the frame says that the Houthis should be prepared to commit terrorist acts on the territory of Saudi Arabia, including attacks against leaders in Riyadh. It was emphasized that it will be «martyrdom operations», i.e., suicide bombings.

Saudi Arabia has asked the Lebanese authorities to achieve the cessation of participation of «Hezbollah» in the training of militants of the Houthis in Yemen, and in the fighting in Syria.

Last week Saudi Arabia announced that it was freezing military aid to Lebanon. Previously, the Kingdom has agreed to purchase French weapons for the Lebanese army in the amount of three billion dollars. Delivery included armoured vehicles, rocket systems, artillery and ammunition, and possibly helicopters and one ship. In addition, Riyadh has decided to freeze the remaining one billion dollars from the aid package to strengthen the internal security forces of Lebanon.

Explaining the decision to freeze the aid, Saudi Arabia stated that Lebanon took the position, contrary to Arab interests, as the government came under the control of Hizbullah, Nagasawa course the country. In addition, Riyadh noted that Lebanon had not condemned attacks on Saudi diplomatic mission in Tehran and in Mashhad.

Hizbullah responded by saying that Saudi Arabia is experiencing a severe financial crisis and is mired in the Yemeni war, therefore, cannot afford to allocate four billion dollars to Lebanon. It was also announced that Iran is ready to provide Lebanon with all the help that we refused to have the Kingdom.

In January it was reported that Saudi Arabia has set a strict requirement in France: any arms into Lebanon, should not fall into the hands of the terrorist organization «Hezbollah».

Media: Hizbullah prepares Huthis to terrorist attacks-suicide against the leaders of Saudi Arabia 25.02.2016

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