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Media: Israel has blocked Abbas in Ramallah

According to Israeli media, citing sources in the Palestinian leadership, Israel does not allow the President of the Palestinian national authority Mahmoud Abbas to leave Ramallah.

A senior source told the newspaper «Maariv» that the reason for this is the decision of Abbas to stop cooperating with Israel in the security sphere. Israel also accused the head of the Palestinian authority that it did not contribute to defusing tensions around the Temple mount.

The Jerusalem Post notes that recent events have weakened Abbas, whose popularity is already low. The measures taken by the leadership of the Palestinian authority against Hamas operating in the Gaza strip, has created among the Palestinians a sense that Abbas is a partner to the Israeli blockade.

The actual «house arrest» Palestinian leader forced him to undergo a medical examination not in Amman as it was still, and in a hospital in Ramallah. Rumors and weakness «Raisa» also contribute to the strengthening of his power.

Most likely, the decision of the Israeli leadership explains is scheduled for August 7 visit of king Abdullah II of Jordan to Ramallah. The monarch had not visited this city for about five years. His meeting with Abbas was held in Jordan.

Media: Israel has blocked Abbas in Ramallah 07.08.2017

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