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Media: militants IG issued a passport to Paradise and 72 virgins

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, the leadership of the terrorist group «Islamic state» was seriously concerned about the drop in morale among the rank and file jihadists. The leaders of the militants came up with an original way to solve the problem.

Kurdish militias, leading the fighting over Raqqa, discovered in the capital jihadists proclaimed a «Caliphate» an extraordinary document – a passport to Paradise. They were given to the suicide bombers as a guarantee that in the afterlife they will experience joy with the 72 virgins.

Passports are distinguished by a high level of printing performance. The cover is decorated with the shahada, the Muslim creed «there is No God but Allah, and Muhammad is His prophet» and the inscription «passport to Paradise» in Arabic and English.

In the document there are no personal data but only instructions for those who use a suicide belt or intends to commit a terrorist attack using a car bomb.

In recent weeks, the militants of the «Islamic state» are engaged in fierce defensive battles in raqqa and Mosul. Their opponents have had to repel the attacks of bombers.

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Media: militants IG issued a passport to Paradise and 72 virgins 27.06.2017

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