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Media: mother of Kim Jong-Nam was buried at Troekurov cemetery in Moscow

Kim Jong-Nam, half-brother of North Korean leader has repeatedly visited Russia on personal business, and his mother she was buried on Troekurov cemetery in Moscow, wrote on Thursday, February 16, the edition «the Russian newspaper».

Song Hye-rim, the first wife of Kim Jong Il and mother Kim Jong-Nam is very famous in Korea an actress. She was married and even had a daughter, but Kim Jong-Il, who was not yet leader of the DPRK, and only preparing for this, was able to obtain a divorce sweetheart and married her.

This marriage did not approved of his father, Kim Il sung, who then stood at the head of the state – the Dream was over, Kim Jong-Il for four years. Young had to hide their marriage. in 1971 they had a son – Kim Jong Nam.

Soon, the couple divorced in 1974, Kim Jong-Il married Kim Yong Suk, song Hye-rim and went abroad, leaving his son in the care of his father and sisters. She lived in the Soviet Union and then in Russia. South Korean media could even install and the exact address of her residence – the city of Moscow, Vavilov street, house 85.

Kim Jong Nam studied in Western Europe, and it is believed his most likely successor, Kim Jong-Il, was prepared for this responsible work. In 2001, however, he found himself in the center of a scandal: Nama detained while trying to enter Japan on a fake passport. After returning to North Korea Kim Jong-Nam was rejected by his father, who began to look for other candidates for the post, and the choice fell on Kim Jong-UN.

Kim Jong-Nam went abroad and settled in Macau. There is information that he was at home and in the countries of South-East Asia, particularly in Malaysia.
Song Hye-rim was hurt badly from the 1990s, and was treated in a Moscow clinic died in the Russian capital on 17 may 2002 from breast cancer. At the request of the North Korean side song Hye-rim was buried at the troyekurovskoye cemetery, where they found the last refuge of many famous personalities. In the column «organization, which produced the funeral» appears «the Embassy of the DPRK.»

But not without some peculiarities. As reported by South Korean newspaper «tone of Ilbo» referring to the administration of the Troekurov cemetery, officially buried in the grave is under a completely different name — sun Hee, although the tomb was written «song Hye-rim». Dates of life listed 24 January 1937 — 18 may 2002, i.e. the date of death is listed one day later real.

Media: mother of Kim Jong-Nam was buried at Troekurov cemetery in Moscow

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