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Media: Nasrallah are being treated for cancer in Iran doctors from Russia and North Korea

This week, many Arab and Israeli media (for example, The Jerusalem Post and «Maariv») was informed that the Secretary-General of the Lebanese Shi’ite «Party of Allah» (Hezbollah) Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah since February 14, is in Iran, where the next course of treatment in connection with oncological disease. Given the number podrobnostei, in particular it is argued that Nasrallah, the condition of which has deteriorated amid a chemotherapy, are specialists from Russia and North Korea.

Social media even spread a rumor about the death of Nasrallah. But this rumor is apparently false, as Hizbullah announces the televised address Nasrallah on February 16, in «martyrs memorial Day». In the leadership of Hezbollah does not comment on the publication about the health status of Nasrallah.

The media called the two sources of the rumor of the serious illness Nasrallah: the Lebanese radio station «Voice of Beirut» (Beirut Sawt) and the Iranian radio station Jam News. About illness of the leader of Hezbollah wrote in his Twitter chief editor of «Voice of Beirut» Jerry Maher. Apparently, he was the first who published information about the treatment of Nasrallah in Iran, and then Jam the radio News, which is one of the leading Iranian media reported some details, not mentioning the name of Nasrallah, but stating that it is the leader of «Hezbollah».

Official sources in Beirut and Tehran does not confirm nor comment on reports of a severe disease, he said.

Recall that three years ago the «Voice of Beirut» reported that Nasrallah was flown to Iran for treatment in connection with oncological disease. At the same time it was argued that for a flight leader of «Hezbollah» was given a plane by the Iranian President. The radio station stated that Hizbullah meetings over the election of the acting General Secretary of the party. Later, Hizbullah has denied these rumors, and no documentary evidence of information about cancer Nasrallah in the media was not published.

After the war of Hizbullah with Israel in the summer of 2006, Hassan Nasrallah, almost constantly was in a secure bunker, fearing assassination attempts. In July of 2007 and in February 2010 he came to Damascus at the invitation of the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad, and met there with President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. In June 2010, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was then Prime Minister of Turkey, invited him to visit Ankara. But Nasrallah did not dare to take a long trip from Lebanon through Syria to Turkey (re-invitations since then have been reported, after the outbreak of the civil war in Syria in the spring of 2011, where Hizbullah has actively supported the Assad regime, the relations between Ankara and Lebanese Shiites deteriorated). In October 2010, Nasrallah had taken in Lebanon by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. But only in April of 2013, after meeting with special representative of the President of the Russian Federation Mikhail Bogdanov, he decided on a trip to Tehran. He was since then in Iran, it is not known, although there were rumors about other trips, in particular in June 2013.

In October 2008, Arab media reported that Nasrallah had been poisoned, but he was saved by Iranian doctors. Hizbullah denied the fact of poisoning.

Hassan Nasrallah. Curriculum vitae

Hassan Nasrallah was born in Beirut on 31 August 1960, the eldest of nine children in the family. At the age of 15 entered into a paramilitary of the Shiite group Amal. In 1977, went to religious school in An Najaf al Ashraf (Iraq), but a year later was expelled for extremist activity.

In 1980 he joined the political leadership of Amal, after the start of the Lebanese-Israeli war of 1982 left Amal and joined Hizbullah. In 1992 after the elimination of the leader of Hezbollah Abbas al-Moussaoui was first elected Secretary-General of the «Party of Allah». Since then, six times re-elected to this post.

Hassan Nasrallah is married and the father of five children. The eldest son, Hadi Nasrallah, was killed in 1997 when an attack against Israelis. His other son Festival Nasrallah is one of the leaders of Hizbullah, responsible for recruitment of agents and the preparation of terrorist attacks against Israelis.

Media: Nasrallah are being treated for cancer in Iran doctors from Russia and North Korea 16.02.2016

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