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Media: near the border with Gaza killed the leader of the group «wilayat Sinai»

The leader of the terrorist organization «wilayat Sinai» sworn «Islamic state», Shadi al-Manei (Abu Musabi) eliminated the Egyptian air force on the North of the Sinai Peninsula South of Rafah city (near the border with the Gaza strip), according to TASS with reference to local news portal Vetogate.

According to witnesses, helicopters AH-64 Apache struck a series of blows to the gathering of militants near the settlement of El-Ugra. Direct hit missile the car in which Abu Musabi tried to escape, was destroyed. According to Egyptian media, in total, during the operation, killed 10 extremists.

Shadi al-Manei (Abu Musabi) – comes from a Sinai tribe «zavarka» – was born in March 1988 in Amman (Jordan), his father was Egyptian and her mother Palestinian Arab. In 2005, he was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the attacks of the extremist network «Al-Tawhid Wal-Jihad (Monotheism and Jihad») on the Israeli territory from Sinai. Was in prison for a year and a half. In recent years its economy was based on smuggling into the Gaza strip and smuggling Africans to Israel, which was quickly enriched.

In may 2014 the Ministry of internal Affairs of Egypt announced the elimination of al-Manai, but later this information was refuted.

It is known that a few weeks ago Shadi al-Manei visited the Gaza strip and met with senior «Brigades Izaddin al-kasama» (the military wing of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas). The Palestinian media reported that the purpose of his visit was «development cooperation» between the two terrorist groups.

Second channel ITV reported that «Wilayat Sinai» helps Hamas to organize the smuggling of weapons and other goods into the Gaza strip. In response, Palestinian terrorists group provide sophisticated weapons, including anti-tank missiles, «cornet», which the militants fired on an Egyptian warship, and used to destroy armored vehicles in the Sinai Peninsula.

«Wilayat Sinai» involved in the attack on route 12 near Eilat, when they were killed nine Israelis, and for rocket attacks against Eilat. The same group claimed responsibility for the attack on Board the Russian aircraft over the Sinai Peninsula on October 31, which killed 224 people.

Media: near the border with Gaza killed the leader of the group «wilayat Sinai» 22.12.2015

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