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Media: Netanyahu is weighing the possibility of early elections

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is weighing the possibility of early elections amid the investigations in cases of 1000 (receipt of illegal gifts), and 2000 (in contact with the owner of «Yediot Ahronot» Noni Moses), reported the website of the newspaper «Maariv a-Shavua» citing unnamed Ministers in the government. Similar data was published by the Second channel ITV.

According to published information, it is not excluded also the possibility that Netanyahu will negotiate with the Prosecutor about a deal in which the Prime Minister will resign in exchange for the agreement of charges to mitigate possible punishment.

In the political system both steps are considered to be unlikely, but the possibility of early elections back on the agenda. The evening of 5 August in an interview to the Second channel ITV, the Minister of justice Ayelet shaked said that he sees no point in early elections. «The government is functioning, the Ministers are working successfully, and if the investigation ends without the filing of an indictment, the present government can survive until 2019,» – said the Minister of justice. She explained that the law does not require the Prime Minister to resign in the event of a filing against him in the indictment. Commenting on the political situation on the background of the investigation, shaked said: «If a decision is made on filing of the indictment, the coalition factions would meet and discuss the next steps.»

Most MPs and Ministers from the «Likud» do not comment on the situation around the Prime Minister. The evening of 5 August, the Minister of cultural Affairs and sport Miri Regev posted the entry on the social network Facebook: «Tonight I met the Prime Minister and was glad to hear that he is calm, confident and continues to claim that nothing will happen, because nothing happened.» Regev added: «MPs from the opposition and some media representatives banded together in a clique with the purpose of a public lynching of the Prime Minister and members of his family.»

Earlier, the head of a coalition government David Bitan said in an interview to the Second channel ITV: «I believe the Prime Minister, who says he will be nothing, because nothing happened.» Responding to a question about Ministers and MPs from Likud, who are not willing to make media appearances in support of the head of the government, Bitan said: «Those who think only about how to get rid of Netanyahu, will pay for it.»

Recall that on 4 August the state Prosecutor’s office signed an agreement with the former chief of staff of the Prime Minister’s office Ari Haro on granting it the status of a state’s witness. In accordance with the agreement, Haro will report to law enforcement authorities all that he knows on business 1000, 2000 and 3000 (the case of submarines) and be released from serving his prison sentence for financial offences. In December 2015, it was reported that Ari Haro is suspected of a series of offences relating to the management of the company, which was in his possession. Before you start working in the office of the Prime Minister Ari Haro undertook to sell the company and retire. However, the investigating authorities came to the conclusion that the transaction on sale of the company was fictitious, and Ari Haro, in government positions, continued to promote the interests of the company, to direct its work and make a profit. By agreement with the Prosecutor General’s office, Haro will be sentenced to six months community service and a fine in the amount of 700 thousand shekels. He will also have the opportunity to go abroad before making a decision on his case.

The second channel ITV announced that Nora, who was a witness of the negotiations between Benjamin Netanyahu and the head of the concern «Yediot Ahronot» by Arnon (Noni) Mozes, the result of the misleading information on the concrete steps, which were supposed to be done to reduce the newspaper «Israel a-Yom» in exchange for more positive coverage of the activities of the head of government in the pages of «Yediot Ahronot». According to some commentators, this should give reason for bringing Netanyahu charges in the case 2000.

According to media reports, Sheldon Edelson during one of the interviews said that he discussed with Netanyahu the possibility of failure from the publication Friday of the Annex to «Israel a-Yom». Presumably, this could be a concession to Moses.

The Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called the publication of the investigations against him «background noise». «I don’t pay attention to them and continue to work for the benefit of citizens», – said the Prime Minister.

Comments politicians

Sunday, August 6, Knesset member Yehuda Glick (Likud) said in an interview with that at the moment there is no question of resignation of Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister. «If the Prime Minister can continue work, it needs to do, no formal and informal reasons for the Prime Minister left office,» said Glick. According to him, the situation will change in the case of the filing of the charges: «I do one thing, if the Prime Minister will be indicted in bribery, he should resign. In the case of other charges, such as betrayal of public trust, for example, will need to carefully examine the indictment and decide in accordance with the gravity of the charges. But we are still far from this moment.» The MP refused to answer the question, does the Prime Minister support in his party: «Before the onset of Shabbat I sent him a message that wished me strength and perseverance. I support him and don’t want to speak on behalf of others.»

From the environment of the Deputy of the Amir Potection (Likud) passed: «Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, like any citizen, has the right to the presumption of innocence. The Prime Minister is innocent until, until proven otherwise. Questions of guilt and innocence should be decided in a fair trial in court, not in Facebook, Twitter and in the media. Despite the fact that there are willing to begin now to install the gallows for the Prime Minister, I would tell them to hurry.»

The head of the MERETZ zaava galon said in response to the address of editorial «I urge Prime Minister Netanyahu suspected of bribery and betrayal of public trust, to resign before the completion of the proceedings in his cases. Netanyahu should do what he rightly demanded that former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert when he said that the Prime Minister, steeped in the investigation could not be the leader of the country, as there is a danger that he will make decisions based on personal interests, affected by corruption, rather than the interests of the country.» Knesset member galon added: «MPs who continue to support the Prime Minister and take on the role of his armor, claiming that we are talking about hunting with the goal of regime change in the country, responsible for the expansion of democratic norms of the state.»

In the leadership of the party «Israel Our home» and «Kulanu» edition said that while comments on this topic will not be given.

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Media: Netanyahu is weighing the possibility of early elections 06.08.2017

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