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Media: Netanyahu supported the Treaty banning nuclear tests

Monday, June 20, the Associated Press reported with reference to the UN official that Netanyahu supports a Treaty banning nuclear tests.

Lassina Zerbo, Executive Secretary of the Commission for the preparation of a Treaty on comprehensive nuclear test ban (CTBTO), told the Agency after meeting with Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu supports the Treaty. «From the point of view of Netanyahu, no doubt, Israel ratifies the Treaty, the only question is when exactly this will happen.»

We are talking about the document, which was adopted at the 50th session of the UN General Assembly in 1996. Israel had previously commented in support of this agreement, but to sign it did not.

The office of Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement which said that «Israel supports the agreement and goals», but the timing of its ratification depend on the situation in the region.

The response of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Israel said that «Israel’s position on this issue is known and has not changed».

Media: Netanyahu supported the Treaty banning nuclear tests 20.06.2016

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