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Media: police re-examines the case against Netanyahu before publishing recommendations

On the evening of 7 February, Israeli media reported that the inspector General of police, Roni Alsheikh has formed a special investigation team, which should check their colleagues collected materials on business 1000 and 2000, which are maintained in relation to the head of the government of Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to the 10th channel formed by Alsaha the panel must be satisfied that the investigation was not allowed any mistakes.

These messages appeared at the time as the police held the meeting devoted to the Affairs of the Prime Minister and the fact whether the police recommend to transfer these cases to the court. Earlier it was reported that the police decision will be made public on February 13.

Radio «Kahn Beth» in turn, announced that his office will support the recommendation of the police on the transfer of cases to the court.

The head of government in his blog on Facebook commented on these reports. He wrote: «Many people ask, what’s next? I want to reassure them: nothing will happen, because I know the truth. Israel is a legal state. According to the law, the decision on whether to submit against the Prime Minister of the prosecution, decides legal adviser to the government together with the state Prosecutor. Only recently, the us attorney in the Knesset, said that about half of the recommendations of the police over nothing. Recommendations will be in the same spirit: «Bibi, guilty until, until proven otherwise», also will face pressure. But I am sure that in the result the legal system will come to the conclusion, the only sure: nothing.»

Media: police re-examines the case against Netanyahu before publishing recommendations 08.02.2018

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