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Media: Saudi Arabia start talks with Houthis

Iranian press TV reported with reference to appearing in a London newspaper «al-Rai al-Youm» that Saudi Arabia had entered into secret negotiations with the Yemeni Shiites. The dialogue is conducted in the bypass Abd-rabbu Mansour Hadi, whom the international community recognizes as the legitimate President of Yemen.

The Iranians claim that Riyadh has adopted one of the main demands of the Houthis, who consider Hadi the former head of state. They claimed that they will negotiate only with Saudi Arabia, not Hadi, lost, in their view. legitimacy.

The TV channel said that a few weeks ago, Saudi Arabia was forced to admit that she created the coalition is not able to win a conflict that has turned into a static opposition.

Note that he Hadi estimates the situation more optimistically. The other day he said that government forces and their supporting tribal chiefs established control over 85% of the territory of Yemen.

Media: Saudi Arabia start talks with Houthis 08.03.2016

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