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Media: surrounded by trump’s unhappy with the statements of Lieberman

Last Friday, columnist for the «Makor Rishon» and the NRG website Ariel Kaan said, surrounded by elected President of the USA of Donald trump criticized statements by Israeli defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman about the need to come to terms with the new American administration about the construction in the large settlement blocs on the basis of the letter of George W. Bush, Ariel Sharon, received in 2004. In private conversations with close trump said that the public Declaration of the intended policy of the Israeli government without prior consultation with representatives of the new U.S. administration was inappropriate.

Writes Ariel Kaan, surrounded by trump also expressed surprise at the fact that Lieberman is positioning himself to the left of them. «I wonder if Lieberman thinks that the us administration, no matter how friendly to Israel as it may be, will be to demonstrate a more solid position than the Israeli government», – quotes the Caan statement of one of his associates trump.

«It makes no sense to comment on the publication, which has no real ground, – said in the editorial in the press service of the party «Israel Our home». – Avigdor Lieberman has clarified his position, speaking at a conference of local authorities in Ashdod. He, of course, would that Israel had the ability to build anywhere in Judea and Samaria, but in reality you need to watch and react soberly, avoiding empty slogans. In the last four years we have not been able to make active development of the settlement activities, primarily due to the lack of a coordinated position with the United States.»

— The formation of the administration of Donald trump

We will remind that last week the defense Minister of Israel Avigdor Lieberman at a meeting with Israeli political observers are urged to carefully form relationships with the future administration of Donald trump in terms of construction in the settlements in Judea and Samaria. He said that it is necessary to obtain approval of new administration agreements contained in the letter former President George Bush to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. In this letter sent in April 2004, the US administration first recognized the existence of settlement blocs and agreed that they will factor in determining the future borders of Israel and a Palestinian state.

This letter was a major diplomatic dividends, Israel received for agreeing to leave Gaza and destroy the settlements of gush Katif and Northern Samaria. After coming to power in the USA Barack Obama, Secretary of state Hillary Clinton said that «the United States never recognized the legitimacy of construction in the settlements».

«If we get the new administration agreement on a formula contained in the letter from Bush to Sharon, from my point of view, it is necessary for it to grasp with two hands and not to build outside the major settlement blocs – said the Minister of defense of Lieberman. – From the electoral point of view, I disadvantageous to say it, but if they give us the opportunity to focus on building in areas, where 80% of settlers not to build in Nokdim (where the Lieberman – approx. ed.) and other settlements, it will be very good.»

Avigdor Lieberman added that in recent days he has received messages from representatives of Donald trump to refrain from unilateral steps regarding construction in the settlements.

From the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s response to the speech, Lieberman announced that «the Head of government will hear the views of Ministers and form the government policy in respect of the new US administration».

Knesset member from the party «the Zionist camp», the former foreign Minister of Israel (2006-2009), Livni said in turn: «Lieberman says about what I achieve and what I am fighting for many years: the need to freeze construction in settlements single to save large blocks. This was the essence of the letter, obtained through my efforts in 2004, the letter guaranteeing the safety of large settlement blocs and deny the right of refugees to return».

However, the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) sharply criticized defense Minister, calling them «diplomatic attack». In an interview with radio station «Galey TSAHAL» Hotovely said: «This is a real diversion and against hierarchy, and against long-term foreign policy interests of Israel and against the relationship with the new US administration».

The press service of the Yisrael Beiteinu to this statement Hotovely said, «the Only way Tzipi Hotovely reminded of its existence is to attack Avigdor Lieberman. No one in Israel to this day could not understand what the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs and I suspect if the Israeli foreign Ministry that there is a Deputy Minister. In any case, any attack Tzipi Hotovely on Avigdor Lieberman are the best proof of his innocence».

The head of a coalition government David Bitan (Likud) said, «Let us not cling to the words of each, and start to build at least some settlements.»

The head of the party «Yesh Atid» Yair Lapid advised to heed the words of Lieberman, calling them «the only sober voice in the coalition today».

The mayor of Ariel, Eliyahu Shviro said, «the Block includes the city of Ariel and its surrounding settlements, is located in the heart of the Israeli consensus. I agree with the Minister of defence that we should exercise caution in the period of the commencement of the new US administration and build primarily in settlement blocs».

Environment Minister Zeev Elkin said that «‘d expect from a defense Minister more care», and the Minister of culture and sports Miri Regev noted that Lieberman’s words are contrary to the will of the voters.

November 17, speaking at a conference of representatives of local authorities, the leader of Yisrael Beiteinu said: «I remain a right-wing pragmatist. I do not give out ratings to others and not throw slogans. What is the meaning of the slogans, when nothing is being built?» Lieberman also advised to refrain from excessively harsh statements about the future of the Outpost of Amona, which is able to bring down the government.

In the party «Bayt Yehudi», said: «Lieberman is a consummate talker. Better deals with the elimination of Ismail Haniyeh than with the creation of a Palestinian state on highway 6».

The formation of the administration trump

Meanwhile received new information about who will occupy key positions in the administration of the 45th US President Donald trump, who won the election on 8 November of this year.

On Saturday, President-elect met with former candidate to head the White house from Republican party MITT Romney. Earlier it was reported that trump is considering Romney as a candidate for the post of Secretary of state. However, I called the other candidates.

According to us media reports, the Central intelligence Agency of the USA led by the Congressman from Kansas, Mike Pompeo, a member of the conservative tea party Movement in the Republican party, an active opponent of the nuclear agreement with Iran. The Senator from Alabama Jeff sessions, who previously headed the state’s attorney’s office should become United States attorney General and the post of national security adviser proposed General Mike Flynn, former head of US military intelligence and the supporter of rapprochement with Russia.

A week ago, trump was appointed head of the future administration of the Raines of Pribus, Chairman of the National Committee of the Republican party. Another key position in the White house went to Stephen Bannon, the former head of the Board of Directors of the conservative Internet resource Breitbart News Network. ‘bannon appointed as the chief strategist and Advisor to the administration trump.

It remains to be seen whether the position in the White house Lebanese-Christian Walid Phares, during the election campaign to perform the role of Advisor to trump on the middle East issues and themes related to the fight against international terrorism.

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Media: surrounded by trump’s unhappy with the statements of Lieberman 20.11.2016

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