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Media: Syrian s-200 missile fell on the outskirts of the Jordanian city of Irbid

Jordanian media reported that in the night of Friday, March 17, in Irbid (in the North of Jordan, about 20 km from the Israeli border) has fallen fragments of the rocket.

Early on the morning of the rocket debris found in the Northern suburbs of Irbid.

Judging by the photos published by the residents of Irbid in social networks, in this area fell one of the missiles fired by Syrian air defense system s-200 shot at Israeli aircraft returning from combat operations.

Earlier, the press service of the IDF reported that last night the Israeli air force planes attacked several targets in Syria.

On the websites of a number of Arab media published information that the Israeli warplanes bombed Syrian missile depots of arms «Hezbollah». Data on casualties there.

According to the official report of the IDF, during the operation the aircraft was released a few air defense missiles, one of which was intercepted by the Israeli missile. As a result of this incident among the Israelites there were no injuries.

In the army press office confirmed that the incident was linked to the triggering of the sirens in the Jordan valley: the explosions heard during the night in Jerusalem, modi’in, Judea and Samaria were explosions in the interception of missiles by Syrian air defenses.

Radio station «Reshet bet» reports that to intercept Syrian missiles were involved in the missile defense system «Arrow». The website of the newspaper The Jerusalem Post writes about the first combat use of the system «Arrow-3» (it’s not officially confirmed).

It is reported that Syrian air defenses fired on Israeli military aircraft missile SA-5 (on classification of NATO) – that is, used anti-aircraft missile system s-200 Soviet production.

Media: Syrian s-200 missile fell on the outskirts of the Jordanian city of Irbid 17.03.2017

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