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Media: the Czech weapons could fall into Azerbaijan via Israel

Tuesday, September 26, the website «Echo of the Caucasus» published an article under the title «the silk road from Prague to Baku via Haifa», which refers to the possible supply of Czech weapons to Azerbaijan with the help of Israel.

The publication notes that the Ministry of defence of Azerbaijan has recently published a video in which, among other new weapons the army of this country was shown a self-propelled howitzer «Dana» and rocket launcher «Vampire» in the Czech Republic. However, the Czech foreign Ministry said that it was not issued licenses for the supply of weapons to Azerbaijan.

Author Vadim Dubnov spoke with Czech journalist Ondrej Sokupa, who reported that the diplomatic office of the Czech Republic received an application for the export to Azerbaijan of these artillery systems, but refused on the grounds that Prague holds an optional embargo from the EU, according to which supply weapons to the conflict zone of Armenia and Azerbaijan should not be.

Currently, the Czech secret services are checking the way to Azerbaijan was delivered howitzers and rocket launcher, manufactured in the Czech Republic. Note that we are talking about advanced Czechoslovak and Soviet developments.

The publication suggests that the weapons produced by the Czechoslovak company Group, could in parts be supplied to Israel. This Czech company has partnered with Israeli Elbit Systems in the framework of the project of modernization of such weapons, said in the article. The Czech arms manufacturers emphasize that they are acting perfectly legally, having all the necessary licenses.

In Armenia suggest that the Czech artillery systems were delivered to Azerbaijan via Israel. But the obvious evidence of this fact.

The publication indicated that the Czech arms «pop up» in Syria and Iraq. And it was a weapon that the Americans, apparently, has supplied the Syrian moderate opposition, but which could be in other hands.

Media: the Czech weapons could fall into Azerbaijan via Israel 29.09.2017

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