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Media: the IDF does not rule out an attack on Israel by the IG

On the evening of 30 December, the Israeli online media published materials devoted to the situation on the Northern borders of Israel. Sites Ynet and Walla News reporting about the threat of terrorist attacks on the border from the «Islamic state» and «Hezbollah», referring to a source in the IDF, who spoke with journalists on condition of anonymity.

According to this source, in the army fear that the militants of the terrorist group «Brigade of martyrs al Armah (Lava shuhadaa al Yarmuk») associated with the «Islamic state», able to attack civilian targets on the border or commit terrorist actions against IDF soldiers.

Army sources believe that the group «al Yarmuk» has about 600 fighters and controls territory along the border of Israel and Jordan with a length of 15 km In the IDF stress that, until recently, different Syrian factions were busy fighting each other, but the threats of the leader of the terrorist organization «Islamic state» Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi may force them «to turn toward Israel», Ynet writes. Radio station «Sieves Beth» also citing a source in the IDF, said that the warring groups control 90% of the border with Israel.

Walla News, in turn, writes that this week Russia for the first time attacked positions of the IG in the Syrian Golan. This, according to the military, can also assist the Shiite group in cross-border attacks on Israeli targets.

In the IDF do not exclude the possibility that Hizbullah may try to «take revenge» for the death of Samir Kuntar, to realize the threats voiced by the Secretary General of the organization, Hassan Nasrallah. According to military, into the hands of Hizbullah with Syrian warehouses were anti-tank missiles «cornet» and other modern weapons. According to the military, for attacks can be also used car bombs, small arms and explosive devices.

Media reported that these days the IDF is building at its Northern borders and reinforcement of the barrier.

Media: the IDF does not rule out an attack on Israel by the IG 31.12.2015

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