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Media: the majority of participants of a referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan voted for independence of the region

According to the preliminary results of the referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan, the majority of voters supported the idea of independence of the region, RIA Novosti reported citing the independent Higher Commission for elections and referendum in Kurdistan.

Note that we are talking about data counting only 282 thousand votes (about nine percent of the voters). More than 93% of them voted for independence of Iraqi Kurdistan.

According to the Higher independent Commission for elections and referendum in Kurdistan, the turnout in the referendum amounted to 78% of 5.2 million voters.

The Prime Minister of Iraq Haidar al-Abadi said that the Iraqi government will discuss with leaders of the Kurds the results of the referendum because, according to him, the referendum is «unconstitutional».

A referendum on Iraqi Kurdistan’s independence was held on Monday, 25 September, despite the pressure of world powers and threat to the neighbors.

The voting took place in four Kurdish provinces of Dohuk, Erbil, Sulaymaniyah and Halabja, as well as in controlled by the Kurdish militia «Peshmerga» oil-rich Kirkuk province, where most of the population are Kurds.

Earlier, the Kurdish government has rejected calls from the UN, US, UK and other countries about the cancellation or postponement of a referendum in connection with the threat to the integrity of Iraq and the weakening of the fight against «Islamic state». The only state that supported the right of Kurds to hold a referendum, is Israel. Former Minister of foreign Affairs of France Bernard Kouchner said that the situation will change soon and the Kurds will support other countries.

Sunday, September 24, the Iranian authorities, at the request of the Iraqi government announced the cancellation of all flights to Kurdistan, including the airports of Sulaimaniya and Erbil.

In parallel, the Iranian military began military exercises on the border with Kurdistan, and Iranian Kurdistan concentrated large forces of the Corps of guards of Islamic revolution.

Also on Sunday, the Turkish Parliament approved a decision allowing the government to send troops to Syria and Iraq. Ankara threatened to impose an economic blockade of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Media: the majority of participants of a referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan voted for independence of the region

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