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Media: the Prime Minister prepares to announce the name of the next head of «Mossad»

The press service of the head of the government has circulated in Israeli media invitation at an extraordinary briefing, which will hold Benjamin Netanyahu. The briefing is scheduled for 20:30.

Radio station «Sieves Beth» was told that, apparently, at the press conference will be announced the next head of the «Mossad», who will replace on this post of Tamir Pardo, who took office on January 6, 2011.

Although the theme of the briefing was not officially announced, the website Ynet also said that it will be announced the appointment of a new head of intelligence.

The media called the three most probable candidate on this post. One likely candidate called the head of the national security Council Yossi Cohen, who was formerly Deputy Tamir Pardo.

His service in the «Mossad» Cohen began in 1982 with the rate of recruitment of foreign agents. Then was appointed head of the intelligence Department «from». In 2000 Cohen took indefinite leave in connection with birth of a son with severe pathology. After two years he returned to service and took the position of chief of operations in the «Comete». For the past five years, the government had awarded Cohen and his unit the diploma «For special merits in the field of national security.» He rose to the position of Deputy chief of the «Mossad».

Another candidate called the CEO on business intelligence strategy and Rami Ben-Barak. When Meir Dagan, the head of the «Mossad,» Ben-Barak was his Deputy. Military service the applicant was held in the special forces of the General staff. In 1984, three years after the mobilization, he entered the service in the «Mossad».

The media as well as another candidate, denoted by the Hebrew letter «nun». About him we know only that at the present time he is Vice-Tamir Pardo.

Media: the Prime Minister prepares to announce the name of the next head of «Mossad» 08.12.2015

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