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Media: the state witness in the case of submarines testified against lawyer Benjamin Netanyahu

On Sunday evening, July 30, the Second and the Tenth channel ITV announced that the state witness in the case of submarines, Miki Ganor for testifying against his lawyer David Shimron.

According to published information, Shimron was to receive a 20% Commission of the intermediary in the transaction for the sale of three submarines by Germany to Israel. The total amount of Commission that was supposed to Shimron is according to Genera, not less than twenty million shekels. Recall that in the course of the transaction, Shimron played the role of lawyer Mickey Ganora. At the same time he is a lawyer and confidant of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

July 31, Haaretz quotes review close David Shimron, who categorically denied the information published. «The allegations in question, so far from reality that it’s hard to believe that these are the words of the state witness. Anyway, all the actions of David Shimron was within the law. He represented Mickey Genera in the matter of signing the contract with the company ThyssenKrupp», – noted in the environment of the lawyer.

Currently Shimron. According to «Haaretz», the police was not informed about the intention to re-interview him.

Recall that Miki Ganaru, who was the mediator between Israel and the German company ThyssenKrupp at closing of the acquisition of submarines given the status of state witness in exchange for his agreement to tell all he knows on the so-called «case of 2000». As reported by the Tenth channel ITV, police and prosecutors weigh the opportunity to provide Ganaru full immunity and not show the charges. Ganor is suspected of fraud, money laundering and membership in a criminal conspiracy.

As previously reported, Ganor is also ready to testify in the «case of the storage of ammonia in Haifa». Presumably, he was made to German company ThyssenKrupp, which was a deal on the acquisition of submarines, were able to engage in the construction of a plant for the production of ammonia in the Negev. This plant was to replace the storage of ammonia in Haifa.

On 25 July, the Embassy of Cyprus in tel Aviv has informed the Israeli foreign Ministry that the businessman Miki Ganor deprived of the title of honorary Consul. This decision Cyprus took on the background of concerns about Ganora.

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Media: the state witness in the case of submarines testified against lawyer Benjamin Netanyahu 31.07.2017

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