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Medical Union changed the rules on assistance to victims at the site of a bomb attack

The ethics Committee at the medical Association of Israel announced a change of procedure for the assistance to victims at the site of the attack, said Wednesday, December 16, the newspaper «Israel and Yom».

Still, the first aid was given the injured in the attack. That has worked since 2008. Henceforth, doctors are obliged to provide assistance to the most tegeleriana, even if it comes to terrorist.

This decision was made after lengthy discussions caused by the treatment of the organization «Doctors for human rights». According to representatives of this organization, the order that existed previously, contrary to medical ethical standards worldwide, as well as applicable international laws.

The decision of the medical trade Union of the change aid on the site of a bomb attack provoked sharp criticism. The leader of the party «Our home Israel» Avigdor Lieberman issued a statement in which has demanded from the heads of the medical trade Union to resign in connection with their decision. «This thoughtless decision, indicating the loss of ethical values,» said Lieberman.

«The paramedics will provide medical assistance to terrorists at a time when the next bleed their victims? Physicians should Express their protest against this decision and strive for change», said Avigdor Liberman.

The head of the Council on ethics of the religious movement of the ZOHAR Rabbi Yuval Charlo decided that in any case the first should receive assistance, those affected by the actions of the terrorist.

The head of the medical Association of Israel Leonid Eidelman said in an interview with radio station Galei Tzahal that «when it comes to helping, we cannot restrict to common words». «Medical criteria are primary, the doctor is obliged to provide assistance based on medical criteria, saving all and acting for the benefit of all,» added Adelman.

Note that the discussion on this topic was conducted in the Israeli media and in medical forums for weeks. The majority of physicians participating in these discussions talked about the fact that when it comes to patients, they try to ignore about someone in front of them is a terrorist or a victim. It was acknowledged that in the case when talking about priority assistance, as a rule, first get the victims of the terrorist. However, when the site of a bomb attack there are many victims, there is no «breeding» is impossible, all receive first aid, and then bring the wounded to hospitals. The delay in assisting a wounded terrorist can be associated with the additional inspections that have to hold members of the security forces (on the body hidden explosive devices or weapons; primary interrogation, etc.)

Medical Union changed the rules on assistance to victims at the site of a bomb attack 16.12.2015

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