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Medicine in Israel in 2017. A new survey

It is considered that medical services in Israel – one of the best in the world. Many Israelis agree with this assessment. However, criticism of the medical institutions often sounds.

Editorial is conducting this week’s survey, the purpose of which is to determine the opinions of Russian-speaking Israelis about the health system in Israel. In 2010-2016, we have conducted similar surveys.

A new, expanded survey containing 40 questions and taking into account wishes of participants of the last poll will determine how to assess our readers of developments in Israeli medicine over the past few years.

Recall that in the time since the previous survey, has opened a public hospital «Asut» in Ashdod. There are other changes in the Israeli health system.

We ask readers to give a positive or negative evaluation only those sickness funds and hospitals whose services they used themselves or their loved ones.

— Medical care in Israel. To participate in the survey

Today in Israel there are four HMOs – «Maccabi», «Leumit», «Meuhedet and Clalit», in a country with almost 8.5 million inhabitants, there are more than 30 hospitals, located mainly in large towns.

For many Russian-speaking Israelis – especially those who arrived in the Jewish state in adulthood – it is important to be able to tell the specialist about problems with their health and get advice in Russian. Even those who are fluent in Hebrew, often prefer to speak with doctors about your health in Russian. In the framework of this survey we try to find out how important is for Russian-speaking Israelis presence in the hospitals and sickness funds staff and specialists speaking Russian, and the availability of Russian versions of sites of hospitals and health insurance companies.

Medicine in Israel in 2017. A new survey 31.10.2017

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