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Meeting of the high court on strike «Hevrat Hashmal»: the government refused to freeze the reform of the electricity market

Thursday, July 20, in the Supreme court of justice is the consideration of the claim of the state, the Israel electric company («Hevrat Hashmal») and the forum of private electricity producers against the working Committee of the «Hevrat Hashmal» and the Israeli national labour court.

State representatives rejected the proposal of the judges of the high court to be frozen on 100 days of any actions on the electricity market for further negotiations, a working Committee of the «Hevrat Hashmal».

The General Director of the Ministry of energy Shaul Meridor said that the state’s failure to link the market reform of electricity reform measures «Hevrat Hashmal» has become a sticking point that led the parties in the high court, and that if the government froze the reforms, the country would face serious shortage of electricity.

He was supported by the Director General of the Ministry of Finance, said that the government is ready to take no steps, directly concerning employees «Hevrat Hashmal», but can not freeze the reform of the electricity market.

In turn, representatives of the working Committee and its supporting the General Federation of trade unions («Histadrut») insist that the reform of the electricity market is undermining the foundations of «Hevrat Hashmal» and threatens the stability of the workers of the company.

During the hearings, the judge several times made remarks condemning the actions of the working Committee and the decisions of the Israeli national labour court.

In particular, judge Noam Solberg said representatives of rubkona that «they have no right to stop payments to the suppliers,» and inquired, «by what right are they doing this?»

The Chairman of the judicial Board Vice-Chairman of the high court, Esther Hayut said that «the fundamental question – is there a right to strike and whether the strike political (which is prohibited by law – approx. ed.) and the judgment of the labour dispute on these questions the answer has not given.»

Recall that on 10 July representatives of the public Prosecutor’s office announced that the state demands the immediate cessation of the strike sanctions, without any conditions and without interrupting the preparation for the reform of the electricity market in the country. This position is based on the arguments detailed in the lawsuit against the labour court filed by the government attorney’s office was in the high court.

In the joint statement of the ministries of Finance and energy also stresses that there is no need in the meeting of Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon and energy Minister Yuval Steinitz with representatives of the trade Union of employees of «Hevrat Hashmal», because at the moment no issues that require the intervention of Ministers. It is noted that the General Directors of both ministries from the beginning of the strike sanctions have already conducted several meetings with the President of the Israeli national Association of trade unions («Histadrut») and a working Committee of the Electric company.

«Declared a few weeks ago, working Committee «Hevrat Hashmal» strike causes substantial material damage to the Electric company, private industries, and thousands of suppliers, it said in a statement. — The strike is carried out with the connivance of the Israeli national and District labour court for the proposition that employees have the right to strike against the government’s program for increasing competition in the industry of energy supply».

The statement stressed that we are talking about the employees of a monopoly, protesting against the creation of competition, which benefits all electricity consumers in Israel. «Employees of Electrical companies receive high salaries, budget considerable pension, and numerous benefits, remind the representatives of the ministries of Finance and energy. — Not just «Hevrat Hashmal» for many years occupied top ranks in the level of wages in the country. States taking steps carried out in full accordance with the law and do not worsen working conditions of workers Electric company.»

Meeting of the high court on strike «Hevrat Hashmal»: the government refused to freeze the reform of the electricity market 20.07.2017

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