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Meir Goldstein who murdered his wife, and directed for 25 years in a psychiatric hospital

Sunday, may 28, the district court in Nazareth handed down a verdict of acquittal in the case of Meir Goldstein, a resident of Tiberias, orbweavers in the murder of his wife Adele.

Goldstein was acquitted after psychiatrists presented two conclusions, according to which the murderer was insane at the time of the crime, and he cannot be held responsible for their actions.
Despite the medical conclusion, the prosecution objected to requests by the defense to justify Goldstein, and consented only on the condition that the killer will spend 25 years in a closed psychiatric hospital.

Sam Goldstein argued during the investigation and psychiatric examination that is not mentally ill. He claimed that he had acted on the orders of the «higher powers, which gave him the right to the extermination of the Amalekites, and appointed him the Messiah».

The murder of Adele Goldstein was committed on March 29. At noon on Nahmani street, passers-by noticed Meir Goldstein with traces of blood on clothing.
At the same time in one of the residential houses on the street were seen the fire. Upon entering the apartment, firefighters and police found the headless body Adele Kalman-Goldstein. It is assumed that the detainee killed the woman, decapitated her and set fire to the apartment.

The radio station Galei Tzahal reported that, according to eyewitnesses, the man walked down the street, holding the severed head in his hands and then threw it in the trash can.

Arrested on may 1 was indicted.

Meir Goldstein who murdered his wife, and directed for 25 years in a psychiatric hospital 28.05.2017

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