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MERETZ leader spoke about the contacts with the «spin doctor Bennett» and apologized

The new leader of MERETZ, Tamar Zandberg in your Facebook apologized to those members of the party, she was disappointed that during the election campaign benefited from the advice of scientist Moshe Clagett.

«72 hours ago I historic a majority of votes was chosen as the leader of MERETZ. It hurts me that I am so quickly disappointed many of you. And so, first of all, I want to tell you: I beg your pardon,» wrote
MERETZ leader. However, she noted that it is extremely rare to hear from a politician, and, especially, the head of the party apologies.

Tamar Zandberg recalls that the last 25 years, MERETZ has worked together with human rights organizations and civil society. And she never tried to avoid difficult subjects and hard battle.

However, Sandberg writes that against her, against MERETZ and against all left-wing campaign, unprecedented in its aggressiveness, and the topic of her relationship with the analyst Moshe Cloughton «bloated».

MERETZ leader notes that she has nothing to hide. She stood with Logatom link in his television program. «When he heard that I intend to run for the post of the head of MERETZ, he turned to me and said that it is reminiscent of the election of Bennett. Has not escaped my notice that the campaign, which he led, albeit in the camp of the ideological opponents, was very successful. I met with him four times in the last two months — twice at his home in Givat Shmuel, twice I have in tel Aviv. The last time I saw him was five days before the election. He offered to help in recruiting their fellow artists that they have supported me in the primaries,» writes Sandberg. In addition, she noted that they are talking on the phone. Klughart had a lot of ideas. Some of them Sandberg used, the part is rejected.

Speaking about his contacts with the consultant the right camp, Sandberg writes that the attack on her is unprecedented. MERETZ leader blames the party leader «Avoda» and turning to AVI Gabay, asks the question: «are not You ashamed?».

His appeal to the members of MERETZ, Tamar Zandberg ends with the promise that in the future she will not disappoint them.

22 Mar Tamar Zandberg won a landslide victory in the primaries in MERETZ. She was given to 71% of the vote. Her main opponent in these elections, former head of the movement «peace Now», AVI Busquilla, received 28% of votes.

In the primaries participated 53.6% of party members.

MERETZ leader spoke about the contacts with the «spin doctor Bennett» and apologized 25.03.2018

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