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Merkel: Germany is not planning to expand its participation in operations against ISIS

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the TV channel ZDF said that her country is contributing to combating terrorist group «Islamic state» and has no plans to discuss the expansion of its military contribution in the fight against ISIS.

«I was under the impression that the U.S. is exactly the same as France, Britain and other countries, welcomed our decision to actively help in the fight against ISIS now in Syria,» – said the Prime Minister, answering a journalist’s question whether she expects the new requirements to the Federal Republic of Germany by the allies. «And I think our efforts in Iraq has made already a lot to be achieved» – quoted Merkel TASS news Agency.

— Germany sent their army troops to fight against ISIS in Syria. Photo

Last week Germany sent to Turkey hundreds of soldiers to participate in operations against Islamic state in Syria (is approved the opportunity to participate in this activity up to 1,200 Bundeswehr soldiers), six Tornado jets and a refuelling aircraft, to the shores of Turkey to participate in the operation of advanced German frigate.

In Berlin stress that forces air and naval forces of the German army will not attack targets in Syria. It is planned the participation of the German military for reconnaissance and other noncombat operations.

Last Saturday, Der Spiegel magazine reported that the U.S. encouraged Germany to increase the participation of the Bundeswehr in operations against ISIS. According to this publication, the U.S. Secretary of defense Ashton Carter last week sent a letter to his German counterpart Ursula von der Leyen, in which he asked about extending military support to allies in Iraq and Syria on the part of the Bundeswehr.

Merkel: Germany is not planning to expand its participation in operations against ISIS 14.12.2015

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