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Merkel has promised to sharply restrict the inflow of illegal migrants

German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke on Monday at the Congress of the ruling Christian democratic party in Karlsruhe, Federal land Baden-württemberg, and during his speech promised the party members significantly limit the number of migrants entering Germany.

This speech was met with thunderous applause, transformed into an eight-minute standing ovation, wrote on Monday, 14 December, the news Agency Reuters.

The statement was made amid concerns the German society of the fact that the number of refugees who reached the borders of Germany this year, close to a million.

Merkel was named the U.S. Time magazine «Person of the year -2015» for «an adequate response to the migration crisis». In an accompanying article it was noted that the courage and determination of the Chancellor help to keep Europe open and transparent against the background of economic problems and the migration crisis.

However, domestically, Merkel is facing increasingly stiff opposition, dissatisfied with such a warm reception of the crowds of refugees, and its position on the domestic political scene begins to deteriorate.

Note that the phrase Merkel about a «significant reduction» in the number of migrants was taken from the updated party resolution, which stated that the continued influx of refugees threatens in the long term, the collapse of even such a strong country like Germany today.

As previously reported, the German authorities expect that in 2015 the country will arrive about one and a half million migrants, which is almost twice times higher than previously estimated number of 800 thousand refugees.

The Chairman of the German police Union Rainer Wendt believes that to protect the country from the influx of illegal migrants need to build on the borders of the dividing fences. «If we really want to spend serious border control, we should build along the German border fence. I advocate that we did it,» – quoted the words of the official German newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

The results of a survey carried out by the British sociological research company Populus, commissioned by the publication Sputnik show that more than half of the U.S. population and European countries (51%) believe that their countries should not accept refugees from the Middle East and North Africa.

The mood of protest is much higher in Eastern Europe which accepted the first «strike» against the admission of illegal immigrants are from 62% to 73% of citizens in Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Poland – was only 26%. The U.S. share of opponents of the admission of refugees is 35%.

Merkel has promised to sharply restrict the inflow of illegal migrants 15.12.2015

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