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Merkel supported the closure of Syrian airspace

German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed support for the closure of airspace over a number of areas in Syria. In its opinion, such measure is intended to alleviate the plight of the refugees remaining in Syria.

«In the circumstances it would be appropriate to identify areas that would be prohibited to attack from the air. This would be a kind of closed air space,» she said.

Noting that the militants «Islamic state» is impossible to conduct the negotiations, Merkel said that on this issue you can enlist the support of all other parties, as supportive of Bashar al-Assad, and opposed to him.

Recall: in recent weeks, units of the Syrian army and the Kurdish self-defence are essentially pushed the opponents of the regime in Northern Syria. A key role in these successes was played by the Russian air force.

In this case, the aircraft regularly strikes on residential quarters. According to human rights organizations, the victims of Russian air strikes caused hundreds of civilians. Statements on the eve of Merkel’s aircraft bombed two hospitals, dozens of people were killed.

Merkel supported the closure of Syrian airspace 16.02.2016

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