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«Metabank-2»: the court found Gabi Korsunsky guilty to murder and a series of Bank robberies

The district court of Lod was found guilty Gabi Korsunsky, nicknamed «Metabank-2» in premeditated murder and robbery of four Bank branches.

According to the indictment, the serial robber acted on one and the same scenario: he broke into the Bank, after covering his face with mask, fired into the ceiling, and ordered everyone present to lie on the floor and demanded to give him money. If the Bank was a security guard, the robber is usually to neutralize it under the threat of the gun and took away his gun. Once, when you Rob a Bank «Hapoalim» in be’er ya’akov, he shot the security guard Yaniv Engler. In the den he had managed to take from a Bank of 6,000 shekels.

After the murder of the security guard the robber left in a stolen earlier scooter with stolen license plates. On one of them the police found fingerprints of Korsun.

During interrogations, Korsun pleaded guilty only to robbery of a Bank in Ascione, during which he was arrested, and the RAID on a Bank branch in bat Yam. The murder charges he rejects.

The nickname «Metabank-2» the new robber got by analogy with a known raider, Roni Leibovich, who was called «Onebank» (Motebang). The first robbery Leibowitz, also a retired officer, but the army, made 21 Feb 1981, and police were able to arrest him on 18 October 1990. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison, but he was released in 1998, after the Commission on parole Board cut him a third term, and President Ezer Weizman signed the pardon. After his release, he lectures about the peculiarities of life in prison, and maintains his own website.

«Metabank-2»: the court found Gabi Korsunsky guilty to murder and a series of Bank robberies 26.10.2017

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