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Mickey levy of the attack on the Temple mount: «Terrorists must be destroyed»

Monday, July 17, Knesset member Mickey levy («Yesh Atid») commented in an interview with the latest events on the Temple mount and around it. Mickey levy, the General-the major of police, retired, from 2000 to 2003, he served as head of the Jerusalem district.

«Last Friday was committed a serious terrorist attack, the same which we didn’t in the past. Three terrorists were caught by security forces on the Temple mount and killed two police officers. This is an unprecedented incident. In my opinion, the terrorists for a long time were preparing to commit attacks, and I’m not just talking about gathering information and direct the preparation, but also on the ideology behind this act. I think they drew inspiration from the ideology of radical Salafi organizations. There is no other explanation for what happened,» said Mickey levy.

He added: «it is Not necessary to deny the obvious: the terrorists managed to achieve the desired result: we lost two police officers. But I want to add something important: terrorists intending to attack Israeli civilians or security forces, should know that they will not come out alive. We saw on the video shots, as one of the terrorists who pretend to be dead, gets up and tries to attack again. Terrorists have to destroy, not neutralize. This opinion I always maintained, including when he was chief of the Jerusalem district».

Answering the question about how the weapon could be on the territory of the Temple mount, Mickey levy said: «I propose to await the outcome of the investigation. Maybe the terrorists had received assistance from those who is constantly on the Temple mount, the weapon was delivered on the roofs of houses. The Western part of the Temple mount bordered by residential homes, and the architecture of the Old city is such that roofs can be crossed all of it. There may be additional options, which I would not like to speak publicly».

Deputy levy refused to answer the question. if you can call what happened a failure. «There is the obvious fact that killed two police officers. This is enough to call the incident a serious incident. Everything else will become clear during the investigation that will be carried out and Jerusalem district police, headed by major General joramo A levy, and the General security service (Shin bet). In General, I can only recall one truism: there is no absolute success in preventing terrorism, there is no absolute accurate intelligence, there is no airtight security,» he said.

Mickey levy, admitted the government’s actions in the days after the attack, «balanced and correct». «Such events could easily get out of control and lead to bloodshed, and considered the Israeli action to prevent such a scenario,» he said.

However, levy criticized the decision to install metal detectors at the entrance to the Temple mount area. «It sounds beautiful, it is convenient from a political point of view, but as a professional I strongly disagree with this approach. The proposal to make the area sterile Damascus gate area, this idea seems frivolous. It is impossible to pass through a metal detector 150,000 people who come to pray. It can be practiced on ordinary days when there are mass prayers. Then the metal detector really can be effective. In the days of a mass congestion of people, this way you can selectively check those who will cause suspicion. It is practiced in Saudi Arabia, the Vatican, it could practice here,» said the former head of the Jerusalem district police.

According to Mickey levy, the opposition attempts to commit a terrorist attack on the Temple mount should be based on two components: intelligence and visual observation. «Intelligence, which never gives a perfect result, is the main tool in the fight against terror, but a careful inspection of those who come to pray on the mount, is extremely important. If the person is suspicious, his need to search, to conduct through the metal detector. For this there are the means, not for the total inspection of 150,000 people,» said our source. He added that as head of the Jerusalem district police, ordered to install metal detectors near the Maghrebi gate. «Everyone who wanted to climb the mountain, passed through him. It was in ordinary days, not on day of a mass congestion of people», – he stressed.

Mickey levy reminded that Israel is closely collaborating with the Muslim Waqf and coordinates steps to ensure security on the Temple mount. «The WAQF is the Jordanian government, which has its own interests on the Temple mount, often coinciding with the interests of Israel. The Manager of the Waqf, Jordanian, and cooperation certainly exists. However, if there is a suspicion that the servants of the Waqf involved in the incitement, they too can be delayed. We did in the early 2000-ies. But it is important to remember that coordination is carried out by Jordan. There is no coordination of what is happening on the Temple mount with the Palestinian authority,» – said the Deputy.

According to Mickey levy, Israel must maintain the status quo on the Temple mount in the Old city as a whole. «The status quo exists in the Church of the Holy sepulchre. Israel took responsibility for what is happening there, and nothing changes. As for the Temple mount, I hope that someday, the Palestinian side will understand that the Jewish people is associated with the Temple mount already more than 3,000 years that under the mosques, lie the ruins of the Second temple. When the other party recognizes the facts. we will be able to negotiate, during which will be discussed and granting the Jews the right to pray on the Temple mount,» said Mr. levy.

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Mickey levy of the attack on the Temple mount: «Terrorists must be destroyed» 17.07.2017

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