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Migrants in Calais «sell» graffiti Banksy: a portrait of «Syrian refugee» Steve jobs

Illegal migrants who settled in the French Calais on the shores of the English channel and trying to enter the territory of great Britain, began to earn money in a peculiar way: they draped a blanket Banksy graffiti with the image of Steve jobs in the form of a refugee from Syria and need five euros for the opportunity to look at the picture.

Currently in refugee camp in Calais there are about 6,000 refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea, wrote on Thursday, 17 December, British newspaper the Evening Standard. .

Later the city announced that not only plans to destroy the picture, but will take steps to perpetuate his and two other works by Banksy: graffiti cover glass and transparent plastic panels.

Banksy is the pseudonym of a representative of art of underground and artist working in the style of street art, as well as a political activist and a filmmaker, whose identity has long been not installed. Around his biography has been much discussion. According to the common version, his real name is Robert or Robin banks.

The work of the famous Banksy was supposed to remind the inhabitants of affluent countries that the biological father of the Apple founder, Abdul Fattah Jandali, was a native of the Syrian city of HOMS, which, however, never been a refugee and immigrated to the U.S. legally, said the website Snopes.

Note that due to the migrants in Calais have been suspended from the movement through the tunnel under the English channel between France and Britain in both directions.

Recall that in August of this year, more than 4,000 illegal immigrants tried to break into the Eurotunnel in the French city of Calais and get on a train in Kent. During these riots 150 illegal immigrants managed to reach British shores – nine people were killed. The migrants claimed that the death of comrades in misfortune they will not stop and chant: «England or die!»

This year the security Service of Eurotunnel detained over 37,000 illegal immigrants, many of them managed to reach British shores, remains not known. French police reported that one of the migrants, a citizen of Egypt, is in critical condition after electric shock – he tried to climb onto the roof of the Eurostar Express.

The British government previously has agreed to allocate $11 million to Finance measures to improve the security situation in the French port city of Calais, which is the largest transit point for immigrants wishing to get into the UK.

In addition, the company-operator of the channel Tunnel, Groupe Eurotunnel SE appealed to Paris and London to assist in the protection of this facility and 23-kilometer perimeter around it.

Migrants in Calais «sell» graffiti Banksy: a portrait of «Syrian refugee» Steve jobs 17.12.2015

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