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Migrants vandalized in Schorndorf: attacks on women and police

Officials in the German city Schorndorf, Federal land Baden-Wurtemberg, was shocked when on Saturday night a gang of teenagers and youths, a total of about 1,000 people attacked passers-by and police — visitors to the fairs.

The publication The Local, who writes on 18 July, about these events, notes that the vast majority of the attackers were children of migrants from countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

According to the police report, the rioters threw beer bottles at passers-by, police and the building of the ancient castle, which hosted the festival.

The police said that for the first time faced with such a level of aggression in the youth environment. The situation escalated after police tried to detain one of the intruders who attacked a passer-by and inflicted severe injuries. Comrades rushed to his aid and fought off the guards.

To the scene were sent additional police, who also threw beer bottles, they had to seek help from police of neighboring towns.

Witnesses of the accident reported that during the night in the centre of the historic town in the vicinity of Stuttgart, home to only 40,000 people, wandering groups of 30-50 people, armed with knives and shot into the air with blanks.

Damage was caused to the three vehicles, the glass that smashed bottles and scratched decals on the hood. It is also reported on several sexual harassment against local women.

In connection with these offenses arrested four people – a 20-year-old native of Iraq and three Afghans, who had applied for the refugee status.

The chief of police of Schorndorf Roland Iseli encourages women victims of migrants, report it to his Department. During convened on this occasion a press conference, Aysel reminded of the events of the beginning of 2016 in Cologne, when about a thousand young people for a few hours before the New year gathered on the square near Cologne Cathedral and Cologne Central station and divide into small groups and attacked women.

Only the police was 1075 filed applications on various crimes, including 593 allegations of sexual assault, from harassment to rape.

By the end of February 2016, the investigators have identified 75 suspects, most of whom were migrants. Defendants in criminal cases were 30 citizens of Morocco, 27 Algerians, four Iraqis, three Syrians, three Tunisians, three citizens of Germany and one citizen of Libya, Iran and Montenegro.

The police also compared the riots in Schorndorf with the recent riots in Hamburg, where they held the G20 summit. The arrival of world leaders, the anarchists built on the streets of barricades and throwing stones from rooftops at police.

Migrants vandalized in Schorndorf: attacks on women and police 18.07.2017

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