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Mikhail Khodorkovsky denied involvement in the murder of the mayor of Nefteyugansk

Ex-head of Yukos Mikhail Khodorkovsky has rejected his involvement in the murder of Nefteyugansk mayor Vladimir Petukhov in 1998, reports TASS.

«For the murder of Petukhov information more than enough in the public domain. I will say briefly: the murder was solved in the same year in which it was committed. The executors were found, they were arrested, then they were released and killed,» said Khodorkovsky at a video conference held in the London office of the «Open Russia» on Wednesday, December 9.

«Fake binding employees of YUKOS (the murder) arose only in 2003, after my speech about corruption,» – said Khodorkovsky.

The former head of Yukos has said it will not come on interrogation to Investigatory Committee of the Russian Federation and does not intend to participate in investigative actions. «Over the past years to predict what our government is meaningless. I can say one thing, I’m not going to participate in this show,» he said.

On 8 December the Agency «Interfax» with reference to an informed source said that the Russian law enforcement bodies has declared Mikhail Khodorkovsky in the Federal wanted list. The day before he was summoned for interrogation in the UK.

Recall that last summer the UK has resumed the investigation of the murder of Nefteyugansk mayor Vladimir Petukhov. As the customer of murder was considered the figure of Khodorkovsky.

In 90-e years of the last century, YUKOS was the main enterprise of the city of Nefteyugansk. According to some reports, the mayor Petukhov was in conflict with the company due to non-payment of taxes to the local budget. He demanded to Institute against YUKOS criminal case, and June 15, 1998 hunger strike for the sake of the criminal case on the fact of tax evasion. The action of the mayor was terminated after promising the Governor of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug Alexander Filipenko to verify the information and to take action. However, on 26 June 1998, on the day of Khodorkovsky’s birthday, Petukhov was shot on the way to work. The widow of mayor argued that the reason for the murder was «an attempt to test the activity of NK YUKOS, caused by the tax non-payment».

In 2007 Alexey Pichugin, the former head of Department of internal economic security of YUKOS oil company, was found guilty of three murders and four attempted murders, including the murder of the mayor of Nefteyugansk, and sentenced to life imprisonment. In January 2008, the Supreme court left the sentence in force.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky denied involvement in the murder of the mayor of Nefteyugansk 10.12.2015

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