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Military-political Cabinet ordered to cover up Israel’s «Iron dome»

On Tuesday, November 14, narrow Cabinet on security matters ordered to the maximum «to cover» Israel’s air defense systems.

According to Walla News, IDF chief of staff Gadi Gadi eizenkot proposed politicians be limited to a few panels ABOUT that in the event of rocket attacks from the Gaza strip «cover» to strategic targets and major cities. However, members of the narrow military-political Cabinet, in spite of his recommendation ordered to deploy the maximum number of batteries «Iron dome». The publication writes that a source in the government called the decision «historic.»

The website Ynet notes that the narrow decision of the Cabinet serves as a «message» to Hamas and Islamic Jihad that Israel will give a harsh response to any attempt to violate its sovereignty.

Earlier, on 14 November, the IDF officially confirmed that one of the batteries ABOUT the «Iron dome» was installed in gush Dan.

In addition, because of the threat of sniper attacks from Gaza on 14 November, the IDF closed several tourist sites located on the border with Gaza. According to the website Nana10 , are closed to tourists the memorial complex «Arrow-Shahar», «Givat a-Paamonim and Nesmith».

According to the website, November 14, the IDF also closed to the beach of Zikim.

Note that November 7 is one of the terrorist groups in the Gaza strip, published a video in social networks, in which was presented a new sniper unit. In the video you can see the snipers through the scope watching the Israeli transport along the security fence on the border with Gaza, and also for construction workers and farmers. The Intro to the video read: «the Sniper unit — distance shot.»

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Military-political Cabinet ordered to cover up Israel’s «Iron dome» 14.11.2017

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