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Military US helicopter made an emergency landing on the territory of Okinawa

Assault helicopter of the marine Corps, the United States committed on Monday an emergency landing on the territory of one of the hotels located on the Japanese island of Okinawa.

This writes 8 January, news Agency Reuters referring to Japanese TV channel NHK.

The helicopter crew decided on emergency landing due to the fact that lit signal lights, indicating technical failure. Information about the victims of press to date, does not.

Representatives of the Corps United States marine corps (USMC) on the island of Okinawa not comment on the incident.

We will remind that on Saturday USMC cargo helicopter made an emergency landing on the coast of Okinawa in respect of malfunctions of the engine, and to the school Playground fell the shards of broken glass on this aircraft.

This kind of incident, as well as a number of offences committed by the us military, angered by the Japanese, which requires them to remove US military bases, not under the control jurisdiction of Japan with the island.

Recall that Okinawa is located in the East China sea was under us occupation until 1972. Today, there is a deployed American military contingent, numbering about 30,000 people, which is more than 10% of the territory.


From July 1, 1957 all American military forces in Japan are included in the US Forces, Japan (USFJ): US Army, air force, Navy and marine Corps. In this country serve approximately 47.000 US troops. At U.S. bases also is home to about 52.000 members of their families, civil servants and 5.500 23.500 Japanese workers.

The headquarters is at Yokota air base, located 30 km West of Tokyo. U.S. commanders working closely with the Japan self-defense Forces, and the legal grounds for stay on the territory of the country of American bases is the Us-Japan Treaty of mutual cooperation and security.

Military US helicopter made an emergency landing on the territory of Okinawa 08.01.2018

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