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Millions of Venezuelans protested.

Millions of Venezuelans have joined a General strike declared by the opposition to exert pressure on the country’s President Nicholas Maduro. They demand the abolition of elections to the National constitutional Assembly, said Friday, July 21, BBC.

Protesters blocked roads in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, and other cities. Police used tear gas to disperse the demonstrators.
The clashes killed three people. More than 300 demonstrators were arrested. Only since April this year, when the intensified protests, killed nearly 100 people across the country.

Colombia, France, Spain, the US and the EU urged the Venezuelan government to cancel the elections to the National constitutional Assembly, to be held July 30. However, Maduro has rejected these calls.

The Assembly will be convened to draft a new Constitution, which, according to the plan of the President, should contribute to dialogue in the country. However, opposition politicians claim that Maduro wants to use the constituent Assembly to consolidate power.

Millions of Venezuelans protested. 21.07.2017

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