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Milonov said that the Jews of the Gentiles boiled in cauldrons and gave at the mercy of beasts

Sunday, February 12, in St. Petersburg held a procession around St. Isaac’s Cathedral Museum, which decided to transfer the Russian Orthodox Church, reports

The website of the St. Petersburg «Fontanka» reported that the procession was about 500 people. Among them was attended by a few opponents of the transfer of the Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church – they can be distinguished by blue ribbons on their clothes. Police later said that the procession was attended by about a thousand people.

The action began after a divine Liturgy. Priests and laity with banners went outside to pass with a prayer procession around St. Isaac’s Cathedral. The column headed by the clergy of the parish, including the Cathedral Dean Archpriest Alexei Isayev. Next to him was a state Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov. Also in the procession were seen the Deputy from «United Russia» Yury Bochkov.

St. Petersburg news portal «My region» gives the following statement Milonov said during the procession: «the Christians survived, despite the fact that the ancestors of Boris L. Vishnevsky and Maxim Lvovich Reznik cooked us in the boilers and gave at the mercy of the beasts» (Wisniewski and Resnick are members of the St. Petersburg legislative Assembly). Milonov added: «If no new antipope, antilopini, provocateurs, then nothing would have happened, no protests.» According to him, opponents of transmission of the Cathedral Church exploited the situation for cheap political PR. Milonov said that the Museum «St. Isaac’s Cathedral» «received salaries of half a million».

Note that this is the second in recent weeks, the comments of the representative of the Russian state Duma on the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral in Saint-Petersburg of the Russian Orthodox Church, which can be regarded as anti-Semitic.

January 23, Vice-speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Pyotr Tolstoy, commenting on the collected 200 thousand signatures the petition against the transfer of the Church to the use of the Russian Orthodox Church, said that the debate about the transmission is in vain, and the temple itself was not created in order for the intelligentsia was led tours «with champagne on the balcony.» «Watching the protests surrounding the transfer of Isaac can’t help but notice a strange paradox: the people who are the grandchildren and great grandchildren of those who demolished our temples, jumped up from the pale of settlement with a revolver in the seventeenth year, today their grandchildren, working in a variety of other very reputable places – on the radio, in the legislative assemblies, continue the work of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers,» said Tolstoy.

Recall that on 10 January it became known that the authorities of St. Petersburg decided to transfer to St. Isaac’s Cathedral Russian Orthodox Church, keeping the Museum function. It is noted that in 2015 the Smolny refused on similar requirements of the ROC, citing economic considerations. The Church has for many years made St. Isaac’s Cathedral. The part of the namesake of the state Museum-monument of the Church had already been sent to Smolny and Sampsonievsky cathedrals.

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Milonov said that the Jews of the Gentiles boiled in cauldrons and gave at the mercy of beasts 12.02.2017

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