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Minister Kara: «Netanyahu and trump will attempt to create Palestinian state in Sinai»

On Tuesday, February 14, Minister without portfolio Ayoub Kara has published in his Twitter microblog that «Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President, Donald trump will accept the plan of the President of Egypt Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi on creating a Palestinian state in the Gaza strip and the Sinai Peninsula, not in Judea and Samaria.»

Ayub Kara said: «So the way will be paved for peace with the Sunni coalition.»

A source in the office of the Minister Ayoub Kara reiterated the editorial that we are talking about authentic publication. «The Minister Kara led the conversation on these topics with senior figures in Israel and the region, – said our source on condition of anonymity. – The Minister is convinced that now, when the authorities in the United States came a new President, is ready for the creative approach to the problems of the Middle East, the opportunity to move towards rapprochement with the Sunni coalition: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt. The Minister is convinced that in this process, we will inevitably come to implement the plan of creating a Palestinian state in the Sinai and Gaza».

A source in the office of the Minister refused to answer the question, did you speak Ayub Kara on this subject with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. «The Minister is convinced that this path will eventually be resolved to move forward», concluded our source.

In September 2014, it was reported that Egyptian President Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi invited the President of the Palestinian national authority Mahmoud Abbas to create a Palestinian state on the territory of the Sinai Peninsula. It was alleged that al-Sisi was willing to give the Palestinians 1,600 square km, adjacent to the Gaza strip. On-site, five times the size of the sector, was supposed to settle the Palestinian refugees. The new state was to be demilitarized and shall be under the full control of the PNA leadership. According to this proposal, Abbas had to abandon claims to the territory ceded to Israel in 1967. The Palestinian enclaves in the West Bank was supposed to preserve their autonomy. Anonymous sources then quoted al-Sisi allegedly said to Abbas that at his age it’s time to think about what he will leave descendants. However, the Palestinian leader rejected the offer.

It was also alleged that the US administration was introduced in the course of the case. The Egyptians knew, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has kept it secret from the Israeli leadership. Then, it was said that the initiator of this program was made by the former head of the national security Council, Giora Eiland.

We will add that in 2012, the Arab media published information according to which a similar plan promoted by the leaders of the terrorist organization Hamas.

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Minister Kara: «Netanyahu and trump will attempt to create Palestinian state in Sinai» 14.02.2017

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