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Minister of ecology: «Crossed all limits, we’re not the state, which were»

On Wednesday, 2 December, the Minister of ecology AVI Gabay participated in the meeting of the economic Commission, which is debating the so-called «gas agreement».

The participation of Gabay in the Commission meeting was preceded by a conflict in the government as Minister of economy is a sharp opponent of the «gas agreement».

The decision to participate in the meeting, Gabay took legal Advisor to the government Yehuda Weinstein. According to the verdict handed down, the Minister, invited to the session of the parliamentary Commission, is obliged to come, but he has no right to Express a position different from the government.

«It was obvious to me that this campaign crossed all possible red lines, and we have not the state, what were previously,» said Gabay. According to him, he decided to participate in the meeting of the Commission, because «the information that I have belongs to the entire society».

«Legal adviser of the government explained to me the rules, and despite the fact that I consider them anti-democratic and should improve, but believing in the rule of law, I will follow the instructions of the legal adviser of the government,» said Gabay.

«In Israel has developed a crazy situation in which we have large reserves of natural gas, use of contaminated materials for the production of electricity». Environment Minister added that he intends to use «Ministerial authority to change this situation.»

Gabay criticized the negotiations that led the government to gas companies. «These companies are doing all they can within the law, and there can be no complaints, but I do not believe and do not believe in these negotiations,» he said. «The state is responsible, and it must take decisions,» he added.

Minister of ecology: «Crossed all limits, we’re not the state, which were» 02.12.2015

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