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Minneapolis: policeman shot and killed a Somali woman who asked for help

40-year-old Australian Justin Deymond, the yoga teacher who moved from Sydney to Minneapolis to be with my fiance don Damondo, was shot and killed in the night of Saturday, police were called by 911.

On Tuesday, July 18, the Washington Post published the name of the policeman who committed this crime: he was a native of Somalia Muhammad Nur – the only Somali police in Minneapolis and pride of this community, believe that Islamophobia in the US is eroding.

Official confirmation of this information has not yet been reported, but the American media surely publish this information, citing the statements of the activists of the Somali community.

When it became known that Noor is assigned to patrol one of the areas of the city, his countrymen celebrated the lush party. The article notes that the police Department the U.S. there are not more than a dozen of the natives of this African country.

The traces of these tragic events, the social network was again filled with criticism of Islam and Sharia, which, according to users, and are the cause of crime.

Muhammad Nur immigrated to the United States at a young age. He joined the force in 2015, after a course of study at Augsburg College and received a degree in Economics and management. Before becoming a police officer, he worked at the Agency for the sale of real estate. Over the past year’s work he received three complaints, two of which still remain open.

Minneapolis: policeman shot and killed a Somali woman who asked for help

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