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Miri Regev demanded to launch an investigation against the actor Muhammad Bakri

Sunday, September 24, the Minister of culture and sports Miri Regev asked the legal adviser to the government of Avihay Mandelblit with a request to initiate an investigation against actor and Director Muhammad Bakri.

As reported by radio station «Galey Tzahal», the Minister said Bakri guilty of illegally visiting an enemy state and inciting against the state.

«Bakri is an Israeli citizen and according to publications in some media in recent days he was in Lebanon, participated in the festival called «Days of Palestine» and announced the Arab countries of collaborating with Israel, «treacherous»,» said Regev. «Bakri Israel is nothing more than the Zionist enemy,» she added.

As previously reported, Israeli actor and Director Muhammad Bakri said during a press conference in Lebanon: «the Normalization of relations with the Zionist enemy is tantamount to betrayal of the Arab national interests.»

This information was published by the Lebanese newspaper «al-Akhbar», close to «Hezbollah.» According to the newspaper, during a press conference, Bakri said, «the fact that in some Arab countries there is a public debate on the normalization of relations with the Zionist enemy, is shameful and completely unacceptable».

«Al-Akhbar» also claims that Bakri said: «the Government of Israel pursues racist policies and suppress any attempts of expression of Arab artists. The fact that I am here on Lebanese soil is a great victory over racism of the Zionist entity».

On 24 September, the newspaper «Israel a-Yom» writes that Muhammad Bakri denied publication in «al-Akhbar» and said his words were taken out of context.

Miri Regev demanded to launch an investigation against the actor Muhammad Bakri 24.09.2017

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