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Missionery promises not to deprive same-sex couples the right to adopt children

The Ministry of social security say about the misunderstanding regarding the issue of adoption of children by same-sex couples and promise to reform in this area.

Before the state notified the high court about its position on the question of the adoption of children. The document said that the Ministry of justice and social security no longer object to the adoption of children by couples living in a civil marriage (having the status of «aduim EB-tzibur»), provided that they have a joint household for at least three years.

However, the state informed the high court that it opposed the adoption of orphans by same-sex couples that the document was called «unconventional.» The state relied on the opinion of some experts who believe that children adopted by these couples may face additional challenges and negative attitudes.

This answer was given in response to a petition filed in the high court of the Reformist center and a non-profit organization «Proud fathers».

The response of the state caused a negative reaction from human rights organizations and many media that, inter alia, required the Ministry of justice and Ministry of social welfare to present the results of studies that have confirmed that children adopted by same-sex couples have «more difficulties».

In response to numerous requests from journalists from the office of the Minister of welfare Haim Katz July 17, told reporters that the language referred to the high court, was «unfortunate», the website Ynet.

Nana10 website writes that the Minister of social security Haim Katz regrets that the document with his «bad language» was transferred to the high court and became property of publicity like this.

The Ministry of social welfare promised to conduct together with the Minister of justice deep reform in the field of adoption, which would not infringe on the rights of same-sex couples. The website Nana10 issued in the title of the reply received from the Ministry of social security: «We do not intend to infringe upon the right of gay couples to adopt children.»

The article notes that experts of the Ministry of social security believe that the need for reform was long overdue because the adoption process is associated with bureaucratic obstacles, because of which the process of adoption of the child in the family is stretched to seven years.

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Missionery promises not to deprive same-sex couples the right to adopt children 17.07.2017

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