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«Modern Tarzan»: a Russian teenager out of the house and did not attend school

Thursday, may 11, the Hadera police and inspectors of the municipality of the city found the apartment, which was a 14-year-old in serious physical and psychological condition. According to preliminary data, the boy did not attend school and never left the apartment. It was also reported that he did not speak Hebrew.

Today it became known that the boy speaks not only Hebrew, but also in Russian, which apparently is his native language. Despite the fact that the teenager is not attending school, he focused in what is happening in the world and reading books.

NRG reports that the boy, before taken to hospital «Hillel Yafe», was examined by a psychiatrist Ilan Rabinovich, who asked not to hurry with the estimates of the condition of the teenager as the boy is just beginning the rehabilitation process. While Dr. Rabinovich noticed that while early to put any specific diagnosis to a teenager.

«We know that he grew up as a Robinson Crusoe or a modern Tarzan» — said Dr. Rabinowitz.

Also at the hospital, met the boy with his parents, who managed to calm him down. According to witnesses, the teenager sincerely attached to their parents. Before that they were detained for several hours, but then released without charges.

While experts failed to establish whether the boy’s condition (in particular, the inability of social adaptation) the reason that he was locked their parents in the apartment, or to his serious condition has led to enforced isolation. In addition, the police have to figure out why the boy’s name disappeared from all documents available to the Ministry of education, according to «Maariv».

The sister of a teenager, 24-year-old student, the last 6 years living in the apartment with his parents, said during a conversation in the police that the father never committed violent acts against her brother. In addition, he regularly went out on the street, but parents and briefly.

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«Modern Tarzan»: a Russian teenager out of the house and did not attend school 12.05.2017

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