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Morocco remains the oldest representative of the Homo sapiens

Experts from the max Planck Institute of anthropology, conducted excavations in Morocco, reported the discovery, which will force to reconsider the attitude to the hypothesis that the cradle of humanity – region, from where started the spread of Homo Sapiens.

Anthropologists under the guidance of Professor Philip Hunza discovered the remains of Homo sapiens that lived about 300,000 years ago. «This means that Homo Sapiens appeared in different parts of the African continent», — quotes the scientist newspaper The New York Times.

Before that, the ancestral home of mankind was considered Ethiopia. Here were discovered the remains of Homo Sapiens, datirovaniya period of approximately 195.000-150.000 years ago.

The remains were found in the Moroccan area of Dzhabal Irhoud. For the first time attention to this place was drawn in 1961, worked here when the miners found human bones. Archaeologists dated them to the age of 40,000 years.

However, in a few decades we decided to start a new survey, since the form of the teeth appeared to be primitive for such Dating. The result of new excavations led to the current discovery.

At the moment it is believed that the migration of our ancestors from Africa only began about 70,000 years ago. On the territory of present-day Israel they’re hundreds of centuries coexisted with other hominids – Neanderthals.

Morocco remains the oldest representative of the Homo sapiens 08.06.2017

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