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Mosaic «worthy of the capital of the Empire,» discovered in Caesarea

Specialists of the Department of national parks and the antiquities authority who carried out the reconstruction of the bridge of the Byzantine era, discovered in Caesarea mosaic, Dating from the second-third centuries ad – a period of prosperity.

During the excavations were found the ruins of buildings, built approximately 1,500 years ago. It is assumed that it was part of the complex surrounding the Central town square – a forum. Archaeologists have continued excavations and found a mosaic of four to three and a half meters.

«The quality of work is very high. On the mosaic you can see images of people, geometric shapes, Greek inscription, which has suffered during the construction of the Byzantine buildings. Depicted men dressed in togas, which is indicative of high status,» — said the head of excavations Dr. Peter Gendelman.

According to him, only to learn about the purpose of the building, it will be possible to understand who is depicted on the mosaic. He suggested that if there was located a Villa, the mosaic most likely has depicted its owners.

The head of the Department of conservation of antiquities Jackie Nagar noted that the density of the mosaic is very high – 12.000 stones per square meter. According to him, the mosaic of this quality can be seen in located on the territory of modern Turkey Antioch – one of the capitals of Hellenistic Syria.

We recall that in April 2017, the Fund Edmond de Rothschild, the Company for the development of Caesarea, the Management of national parks and the antiquities authority has announced the launch of a project to turn Caesarea into one of the main tourist sites of Israel, comparable only to Jerusalem.

The project involves the restoration of antique and medieval monuments, to ensure access and total reconstruction of the national Park. At an estimated cost of 100 million shekels.

Caesarea is not the first time a challenge to Jerusalem. It was built by king Herod the Great as the capital of the Hellenistic Jews, the alternative to a city that already a thousand years was the capital of the Jewish Kingdom.

When Herod erected buildings contrary to the Jewish tradition: the Hippodrome, the theatre, baths, pagan temples. A significant part of the population was Gentile. After the liquidation of the Kingdom, the city became the main residence of the Procurator of Judea.

Convenient port of Caesarea allowed to store the value and in the Byzantine era, when it became one of the main trading cities of the Eastern Mediterranean. After caused by the earthquakes and wars of decline, she again flourished under the crusaders.

As reported in April, the Director of the Company for the development of Caesarea Michael Karsenti, after completion of the archaeological Park stretching from Jisr AZ-Sarki to kibbutz Sdot Yam. «It will transform the city into an object of global significance», he added.

Mosaic «worthy of the capital of the Empire,» discovered in Caesarea 08.02.2018

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