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Moscow art theater presents: «Divas» in the best Broadway tradition

American Comedy in the best Broadway tradition, a repertory performance of one of the most popular Moscow theatres, the most popular actors of theatre and cinema in the main roles – that’s what awaits the Israeli public in April, when Israel will come on a tour of the Moscow art theatre named after Chekhov under the direction of Oleg Tabakova with sparkling eccentric Comedy «prima donnas», where the main role played stars: Dmitriy Dyuzhev, Igor Vernik, Michael Trukhin, Doinikov Stanislav and Andrey burkovsky.

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The new, reinterpreted old. After the famous Comedy «In a jazz only girls» and «Tootsie,» the famous Russian Director Evgeny Pisarev ventured again to dress men in women’s clothes. The result exceeded even the wildest expectations: the repertoire of the Moscow art theatre named after Chekhov under the direction of Oleg Tabakova added to one of the highest-grossing performances, and the audience got an incredibly funny, full of unimaginable events, and turns eccentric Comedy.

The viewer from the performances of the Moscow art theatre «Diva» delighted – this will be the eleventh year the performance runs with the same success and on the home stage, and on tour. The secret of success is simple: the great actors of the famous theatre play funny and talented play. Always a popular sitcom, for all its seeming simplicity, from great masters always becomes art.

Ken Ludwig’s world – famous playwright, one of the play, his name synonymous with modern Comedy. His plays, written with British humor and Broadway ingenuity, translated into 16 languages, they give in 25 countries, including on Broadway and in London’s West end. Harvard graduate Ken Ludwig – winner of the highest theatrical award in UK — awards Laurence Olivier, three American awards «Tony», two Helen Hayes awards and other prizes and awards in English criticism.

The action Comedy is set in a colourful fifties of the last century in the United States under classic American songs – recognizable and beloved. Young actors, Leo and Jack (Andrey burkovsky and Dmitry Dyuzhev), the newspaper find out that some rich old lady, Florence Snyder (honored artist of Russia Mikhail Trukhin), located at the point of death, seeks out their distant relatives, which saw a very, very long time absolutely still children.

Resourceful actors decide to try their luck and wanted to introduce myself dying poor family, but suddenly find out that she is not looking for nephews and… nieces. However, the financial situation of young speculators leaves them with no way out. In the course of events, it turns out that the old woman already has one successor, Meg (Natasha Shvets), and that in the struggle for the inheritance joins her fiance and pastor Duncan (people’s artist of Russia Igor Vernik). But this is only the beginning: Leo falls in love with Meg, and she has long been fascinated by his acting, Jack is fascinated with the eyes of a cute girl Audrey (Svetlana Kolpakova), the old woman in shock from Saburova around her life and does not die, her health is carefully monitored by Dr. Myers (Stanislaw Doinikov), and it still does not reach the inheritance. Young adventurers constantly have to change something in nieces, then back to actors. The situation escalates every minute, and they, carrying not only money, but love, we have to get out of incredibly comical situations. But at stake is really a big sum of money – we are talking about three million of the inheritance, one million for each heir…

Play «Diva» written by Ken Ludwig in 2004. Two years later, artistic Director Moscow art theatre Oleg Tabakov decided to put it at the theater and was invited as a Director with the actor’s past Yevgeny Pisarev and I was right – easy, dynamic play where funny and lyric entwined, going on 11 years, and all this time he is accompanied by a full house.

Involved in performance just star actors. The youngest in the ensemble of performances is a recent graduate of school-Studio of MKHAT, the star of KVN, the TV series and various TV shows Andrey burkovsky. His «cheerful and resourceful» TV the past greatly decorated the established pattern of play. «We’re not women we play, we play men who transform into women, explains the principle of operation of the subject springs of the performance of the young talented actor. Nobody’s trying to be funny, it’s serious play. What’s the Comedy? They are so serious in these manifestations, so want to achieve their goal that it becomes funny.»

Hard to imagine an action hero, almost two-meter Dyuzhev, in a dress. However, the actor copes with an unexpected role of his hero. In order to get used to the way huge Dudevu had to learn to walk in heels. «Specialists, who help male actors to play female roles, all over the world to five people, shares the secret of acting Dmitry Dyuzhev. — Came to us for this kind of training a specialist from London and spent with us a master class».

The star of the TV series «Voronin», the actor Stanislav Doinikova well known to a wide audience for the films «Paragraph 78», «Subway», «Kamenskaya» and others, change in performance is not necessary, however, it appears to the audience in an unexpected way noisy «dancing» Dr. Myers (however, a remarkable choreographic training show staged by all involved actors).

In the role of harmful bigots-pastor – brilliant Igor Vernik. His character is very dissatisfied with two Priceline who claim to inheritance, so building them all sorts of machinations. In the image of the charming villain actor is incredibly organic, many spectators many times I go to this show, to once again be the rays of his irresistible smiles.

More difficult, maybe in this performance of the popular theatre and cinema actor Mikhail Trukhino, which from the beginning has to fulfill the female role — undying cheerful old lady-millionaire. Truhin appears before the amazed public not in the image of a man playing a woman, namely actor-male in female role. His aunt Florence — a grotesque and touching. The fighting lady, flying in a wheelchair, if the rocket performed Trukhina becomes almost Danko, carrying people, if not the burning heart, the love and the millions.

One way or another, but in a good Comedy good artists have a place to show their talent and mhatovtsy not for one minute do not allow the audience to relax. And the grateful public with the enthusiasm of the actors, whose calling is to make people happy.

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Moscow art theater presents: «Divas» in the best Broadway tradition

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