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Moshe Kahlon gave the MPs «Kulanu» freedom of voting «optional agenda»

At the weekly meeting of the parliamentary faction of «Kulanu» the Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon announced the principles of the factions in the winter session of the Knesset and the party’s position on the most controversial draft laws developed in recent years.

He stressed that «Kulanu» will stick to the coalition agreement, however, on contentious issues would be voted upon within the faction. «In this session we will have a lot of challenges, said Kahlon. And not a single decision we will not accept without discussion at the meeting of the faction, and, if necessary voting. No member of the faction would not vote against his conscience. We observe that prescribe the coalition agreement. However, in matters not mentioned in the coalition agreements, each member of the «Kulanu» will have the freedom and will vote according to the will of his own conscience».

Kahlon said that the current session of Parliament puts in front of his fraction task, the likes of which the complexity has not happened. «We will continue to follow our principles, to protect the rule of law and the rule of law, and will follow the platform as pledged to their constituents, he said. — The state of Israel is too dear to us to split it into laws that can damage important for democracy, the institutions of government.»

He reiterated that «Kulanu» will fulfil the coalition agreement, even unpleasant. «But on matters of principle we will vigilantly stand guard over its principles, as it was until now», — said the leader of «Kulanu».

In conclusion, he said «Kulanu» will continue to work for the good of the people. «The policy we’ll leave to other parties. Now it’s time to work, and winter sessions, we will work as until now, — said the Minister of Finance. — Will work for the good of the Israeli people and find new and exciting ways to help young families, the elderly and disabled».

Moshe Kahlon gave the MPs «Kulanu» freedom of voting «optional agenda» 24.10.2017

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