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Moshe Kahlon presented the program of support of young families

On Tuesday, April 18, Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon at a press conference in tel Aviv unveiled a program aimed at supporting families with children and the middle class.

About the press conference was announced an hour before it started, but the topic was not disclosed. According to the media, Moshe Kahlon, whose relations with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu survive the crisis, did not inform the Prime Minister about the forthcoming publication of the economic program.

Its programme, the Finance Minister called «Family net». «Today we support spouses who every morning go to work, pay taxes and undergo reserve service,» said Moshe Kahlon at the beginning of the press conference.

«For the state of Israel is very important to support the middle class, whose numbers should increase, not decrease. We would like to support the middle class, and we have good news: the money is returned to taxpayers, are returned to the families and our children. It is my duty as Finance Minister,» — said Moshe Kahlon. During the press conference, he several times repeated, that taxpayers ‘ money should not belong to the state, and people.

Moshe Kahlon promised that couples with children will receive additional subsidized units, reducing income tax.

According to the program of the Ministry of Finance, the parents third child (father and mother) will receive 1.5 preferential units. Parents of children from 1 year to 6 years will receive 2.5 units. At least 150 shekels the government would pay for after-school programs for students from 1st to 2nd grade. Working spouses can also get «labor award» («Mayak labor») in the amount of NIS 495.

The Finance Ministry promises to abolish customs duties for importers of baby clothes and shoes.

It is anticipated the abolition of VAT on mobile phones.

Earlier in mass media there was information that the Ministry of Finance is preparing a program to reduce the amount of payment for extended-day groups. According to publications, the highest price of the «detention» must not exceed 930 shekels. The state will pay more for each child between 150 and 400 shekels, depending on the place of residence of the family: the poorer the city, the higher the amount of the surcharge.

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Moshe Kahlon presented the program of support of young families 18.04.2017

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