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«Mossad» will release secret documents about the attempts to arrest Josef Mengele

This week, the foreign intelligence Service of Israel («Mossad») publishes documents that outline the history of the persecution of Dr. Josef Mengele, also known under the name «angel of death».

About it writes on Tuesday, September 5, the website of the Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post.

Mengele conducted inhuman genetic experiments on prisoners at Auschwitz and classified prisoners, sending some of them to the gas chambers and earned the above mentioned nickname.

Among the documents that will be published – reports, photos and maps of the 50-ies of the last century, under the code name «File Melzer», prepared by the special unit «Mossad», which is in charge of the operation to arrest Nazi war criminals.

These documents were recently passed foreign intelligence Service memorial «Yad Vashem». Publish data files, as the article says, will be the official recognition of their historical significance.

Rafi Eitan, who headed the operation to capture and removal to Israel of another Nazi war criminal – Adolf Eichmann, told the radio station «Kahn Beth» why «Mossad» have failed to apprehend Mengele, who was no less an important goal.

«If Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion demanded from editors to keep the capture of Eichmann in secret, we would be caught and Mengele. He then lived in Buenos Aires, and we were watching his apartment,» said a former scout.

According to him, the Icer Harel, the then head of the «Mossad» wanted to catch Mengele, concurrently with Eichmann. However, Eitan opposed the spraying forces, saying the capture of Eichmann is guaranteed, and the double operation may fail.

Recall that a large part of the life of Josef Mengele is still not known researchers. After the fall of Hitler’s regime, he fled to Buenos Aires, where he lived, as historians believe, about ten years – until the agents of «Mossad» and intelligence services of the USA and Germany came out on his trail. Fleeing persecution, he moved to Paraguay and then to Brazil.

Dr. Josef Mengele, who for many years headed the list of wanted Nazi criminals, died in 1979, at the age of 68 from a heart attack. After relatives of the «angel of death» refused to bury Mengele in Germany, his remains about 30 years remained at the forensic Institute of Sao Paulo, and then became a textbook for medical students.

Was initiated by the Brazilian pathologist, Daniel Romero muñoz, who heads the Department of forensic medicine, University of são Paulo. In 1985 he identified the remains of Mengele, and his conclusions are confirmed done much later DNA analysis.

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«Mossad» will release secret documents about the attempts to arrest Josef Mengele

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