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Most readers Azariah innocent and should be pardoned. The results of the survey

On the website completed the survey on «the Trial of Sergeant Aloram Azarias». In the survey, which was conducted less than a day, 5-6 January, took part 4.389 of respondents (4.104 of them answered all 11 questions).


4 January 2017 the military court found the Sergeant of the IDF Elora Azariah guilty of manslaughter terrorist in Hebron. The arguments of the defense and the prosecution on the issue of punishment the court will hear on January 15. When a sentence is still unknown.

The charge of a soldier of manslaughter following the investigation of the incident in March 2016, when the intersection of Wilber in Hebron after the armed attack on the soldiers, ALOR Azaria shot a wounded terrorist lying on the ground.

The court found unconvincing the arguments of the defence about the fact that Azariah sought to neutralize terrorists who represent a real danger to others. Was rejected and another version, according to which in the moment of shooting the terrorist was already dead.

The court considered proven the fact that the actions of Azariah was dictated by the desire to avenge the attack on his fellow soldiers and kill the terrorist.

The court’s decision to admit Azariah guilty of manslaughter caused a wide public resonance. Many politicians, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, made a proposal on Amnesty serviceman.


The survey showed that the vast majority of our readers, nearly 69%, according Azariah innocent. Only 9.5% said they definitely think he’s guilty of manslaughter. 9% chose the answer: «I don’t think it’s right to discuss and evaluate the court’s decision.» 6% said: «I believe Azariah guilty of premeditated murder».

The vast majority of respondents, nearly 86%, believe that Azariah should pardon/Amnesty after the verdict. Definitely do not agree with this, only 7% of respondents.

Readers were asked the question: «what do you think Elora Azariah?» 59% chose the answer: «a Soldier doing his duty». 37% chose the answer: «young Man, made a mistake under difficult circumstances.» Other: «victim» – 18,1%, «criminal order» – 10,5%, «hero» – 10,4%, «the Avengers» – 6,6%, «killer» is 3.5%.

42% of respondents believe that the responsibility for the incident at the intersection of Wilber should be borne by those who claimed the instructions for military personnel on the rules of opening fire. 25% impose liability on the officers, who were at the scene, 16% for the Azariah and 15% on his immediate commander.

Readers were asked the question: «How do you feel about the statement by the chief of staff Gadi Gadi eizenkot that young men conscripted to serve in the army are soldiers, not «children of Israel»?» 50% said not support this statement, 35% support, 15% were undecided.

The question was asked: «How do you feel about the statement, Moshe ya’alon, who was then the Minister of defense, who soon after the Hebron incident, said publicly in the Knesset: «Azariah – erring soldier, not a hero»?» 64% chose the answer: «Not support, do not agree with ya’alon». 21% chose the answer: «Agree with this assessment, but I think that the Minister had no right to make such a statement». Less than 9%: «Support, he’s absolutely right». A little over 3%: «I do Not agree, but I think that the Minister was entitled to make such a statement.»

Respondents were asked to assess the behavior and comments of Avigdor Lieberman in this case before and after taking office as Minister of defence. 35% answered, «I do not know the behavior and comments of Lieberman on the case, difficult to estimate». 30,5% said: «I Think that Lieberman before and after behaved correctly». 16%: «Before assuming the post of defense Minister Lieberman behaved correctly, then no.» 4%: «After assuming the post of defense Minister Lieberman behaved correctly before, no.»

75% of respondents agree with the view that terrorists should not be left alive after the attack. Only 12% expressly disagree.

More than 59% believe that «the case of Azariah» have a negative impact on the motivation of young Israelis who planned to serve in combat units. More than 23% believe that «reflected to some extent». Less than 11% chose the answer: «will Have very little impact». And only 6%: «Not affected at all.»

Readers asked: «If you have children who can be drafted into the IDF, tell me, will the «case of Azariah» on your willingness to sign consent to their service in combat units?» Of those who have children, which in the future can be drafted into the IDF, almost 57% said, «Yes, affected».

Survey participants were asked to Express their attitude to the criticism of judges, adopted the decision on the imposition of a guilty verdict in the case of Azariah? 43% agree with the criticism completely. 32% agree with the criticism in principle, but believe that the attacks on judges unacceptable. 19% do not agree with the criticism of the judges.

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Most readers Azariah innocent and should be pardoned. The results of the survey 06.01.2017

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