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Mosul Eye blogger told about the murder by terrorists of the IG 38 infants with down syndrome

Blogger from the city of Mosul (Northern Iraq) reported on his page in Facebook that the militants «Islamic state» has killed 38 infants with down syndrome.

According to the author of the blog Eye Mosul, executions were after was issued a verbal fatwa that allows the «killing of newborn children with down syndrome and children with physical disabilities». Its author is one of the judges of the IG from Saudi Arabia, writes

Based on available data, the killing of «defective» children were committed by is militants in both Iraq and in Syria.

«The majority of children were born from the militants and women from Iraq, Syria, and Asia. We have recorded the execution of 38 infants with down syndrome ranging in age from one week to three months. They were killed by lethal injection or suffocation,» said the author of the blog.

Some users questioned the reliability of these data. In comments to the record one said, that «every accusation must be backed by irrefutable evidence, and each to have a reliable source». He asked the author to name his sources, but this was not done. «So you’re saying that it’s impossible?» – asked the author of the blog.

Many criticized user the desire to obtain evidence. «You do realize what will happen to the springs if you call them off?» asked one of the other comments. Another user said: «Sufficient evidence is how they savagely throw gays from rooftops, and two-year old child stabs Teddy bear as a practice. About IG nothing surprises me anymore».

On the website Mosul Eye said that the blog was created to inform the world that «happens in Mosul every minute» and author – «independent historian» living in the city.

Last summer Reuters reported that «Islamic state» issued a fatwa, according to which all girls and women living in Mosul and the surrounding area, should be subjected to female circumcision.

Mosul Eye blogger told about the murder by terrorists of the IG 38 infants with down syndrome 14.12.2015

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