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Mother of Tair Rada on police work: an outrage, and malevolent omission

On Saturday evening, October 29, Ilana Rada, mother of the schoolgirl Tair Rada, who was killed 11 years ago, has published on his page on the social network Facebook post criticizing the police.

The woman reported that she recently read the testimony of A. H., who reported that his girlfriend A. K. confessed to the murder of Tair. According to Glad, «her black eyes» because «any normal country» such a detailed and well-reasoned testimony would be thoroughly checked, but Israel did not.

«Police and prosecutors have done everything possible, as quickly as possible to complete the investigation. I can’t call it otherwise hiding the omission, outrage and malicious inaction. It should concern all citizens of Israel, not just me,» wrote Ilan.

The woman reported that after the death of her daughter A. K. were trying to «cut somebody’s throat in a student dormitory, armed with a broken beer bottle and a knife.» She was arrested. But then the case against her was closed, and the A. K. was sent to a closed institution for the mentally ill.

Mother of Tair Rada on police work: an outrage, and malevolent omission 29.10.2017

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