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Mother sent naked pictures of his lover to his wife

The district court of the city of Uxbridge, located in the outskirts of London, issued a guilty verdict in the case of 37-year-old Laura Arnold, mother of four children, living on welfare, which was published in social networks Twitter and Facebook Nude photos of her married lover.

Links to these posts she sent to his wife and adult children, promising to take these photos in exchange for her payment of 6,000 pounds sterling, writes in the Sunday, October 15, the British tabloid The Daily Mail.

Among the photos were the men taken in the shower where you see his genitals. «Peace is expensive, but it’s worth it,» the mocking explained the requirement of the woman, offended by a lover who broke off their relationship a year after the start of communication.

In addition, the defendant also sent his wife’s former lover, the text of their correspondence in social networks, where they exchanged explicit photos.

The judge considered the attempt to destroy the family of the plaintiff serious crime and sentenced the defendant to a suspended prison sentence, payment of moral damages and payment of court costs, and banned her for two years to contact the plaintiff and his family.

Mother sent naked pictures of his lover to his wife

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